07 September 2007

Important Lesson

Never EVER wear a lovely long dangly handknit lace scarf while cleaning up dog wee from the floor.

F**k it.

And now for your viewing pleasure - the vest for my mum's birthday next week. All done. Completely reversible (thanks to knitting the body in the round and grafting the shoulder seams!). Happy to escort it off the premises.

I'm sure she'll like it, though.


  1. Oh dear...the scarf probably needed a fresh block though (*trying to look on bright side*)...

    Good job on your mum's vest - how could she not be happy with that!

  2. Oh no!!!! I steer clear of Peri when she has rolled in something boogelly: dogs can be so doggy!!!!
    Lovely vest and clever to make it reversible!! I'm sure she'll like it too!!

  3. Oh no, just the thought of all that wool soaking up all that liquid makes me twitch. I am sure your mom will love the vest. All that waffle stitching must have been tough.

  4. The vest is beautiful! Your mum is so lucky.

    Dog wee in the wool? Well, at least it's organic. Thank Goodness it wasn't tom cat or billy goat wee. The smell would never come out!

  5. Does that mean no more fluffy bits?
    I had the unpleasant task of cleaning up after our girl this morning because the boys didnt let her out,not good at anytime but when your eyes are all squinty from sleep? no way!

  6. Hmmm - you must have been turning the air blue after the dangling incident. The vest is gorgeous - bet your mum loves it. Loads of brownie points for you!

  7. Lovely work on the vest, I'm sure your mum will be more than happy to take it off your hands!

    I have noted your lesson for my furture reference, so I can't say I havent been warned!!

  8. Lovely color and pattern for you Mom's vest. Your Mom is going to cherish it.

  9. Not your new pink and green shawl!!!??? Oh NO!!! (The vest is beautiful - she's going to be one happy mom!)

  10. That's a bit like don't milk a skittish goat when wearing new kid leather boots

  11. Very nice vest. And tsev. How could a mum not love it!

    I know the scarf dangle thing - you can't wear them round potties, vomit or runny noses either!

  12. The vest looks gorgeous! As does the shawl!! Well done. (except not so well done on the dog wee bit... did you cry? I would!!)

  13. Laughed so hard I almost "wee"d a bit myself.



  14. Had to sudder when I read about the scarf....all that work....

    This is me trying to get the visual out of my head......

    I'm sure that your mum will love the vest...Good Job.


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