16 November 2007

Book Meme Thing

Swanknitter tagged me for this meme, and since it's nice and easy and fast, here goes :

"Open the book you’re currently reading to page 161 and read the fifth sentence on the page, then think of 5 bloggers to tag."

I'm reading two books at the moment, so have done this for both :

"Have you alerted the Gryphon?"
> from Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

"They said I has to hand it over when you give me the pris'ner," said Moist, a model of stolid insistence.
> from Making Money by Terry Pratchett

Give me comedy (or murder mysteries) any day!

As for tagging 5 bloggers - if you want to do this, consider yourself TAGGED! ;D

The Friday Night Knitting Club has arrived from Janette, too - so plenty of reading on my To Be Read pile :D

Getting serious here with packing and cleaning and finishing enough work to be able to take 2 weeks off (writing puzzles at least; I'll still be dealing with book / card orders) ... catch you all a bit later!


  1. Cool Book Meme thing - if only I were officially reading something...

    I have about three to four books I started - what? last year? year before? How awful of me, with my Master's in English Literature to boot.

    Anyway. Wow - packing. I don't envy you there. But DO envy the luscious view. And hoping you love your new digs. Good luck with the rest of your packing. AND good luck with the painted cables.

    AND what's more, congrats on the print-up in the yarn mag!

  2. I always have a book on the go can't wait to see what my sentence will be.

    You're in the home stretch now with the move. It will be good to have it over and done with.

  3. Crivens! Another Terry Pratchet fan! Millenium hand and shrimp!

  4. Funny fun meme, Jejune. 8^)
    I'm loving my magnets, my new note cards, and other stuffs I got of yours through cafepress. The one in yellow/brown tones is so soothing to look at too! But my favorite is the glass of shiraz with the yarn project. Hope it's a simple pattern or someone will be ripping later!


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