01 November 2007

Interim dress

As you know, we're in the midst of de-cluttering packing moving chaos... cardboard is THE new look, didn't you know?

Anyway, on Tuesday I was listening to Cast On (as usual lagging behind the crowd by some months), and heard again about Interim House. Dotter and I decided that we'd like to send some of our stash over to them - so I cleaned out the stash chest, and am passing along a box of goodies their way by Whale Mail. With Minties!

If anyone else wants to support these ladies with donations of yarn, knitting needles, stitch markers, crochet hooks, and so on, just leave a message on their blog with your email, and Kathy will contact you with her postal address.

Interim House struck a chord with me... My youngest brother Tim (adopted from Korea when he was 5 and I was 20) has destroyed his life with drug abuse. He's done it all, starting with marijuana at 12, and heading into heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and just about anything else that can be injected. He's done time in prison, survived umpteen suicide attempts, and now has drug-induced schizophrenia (hears voices telling him to attack people, thinks he's God, etc etc), brain damage, and a badly enlarged heart which is starting to fail. He lives in a secure facility here in Canberra, after comprehensively ruining every rehab opportunity he's been given - and there have been a LOT. He's never to be released.

I don't visit him practically ever, I can't cope, he's too creepy and scary for me ... the little brother I knew 'died' for me about 10 years ago. I'm not a great sister to him, I'm sorry to say. One of my Official Guilt Trips.

He is 27, and isn't expected to live much longer. Given what my family has gone through with Tim, I have some small understanding what the woman at Interim House are dealing with, how difficult addiction is to overcome, and how damaging it is, not just to the person, but all those around them. I think they show great courage, and it's great that knitting and crocheting are helping them in their recovery.


In Ben & Mel wedding news - I headed into Target today, as Bells suggested they often have nice outfits, and there's a 15% off everything sale on for the next couple of day . I found this, which should dress up nicely with strappy sandals and jools... and be versatile enough to get a lot of wear out of. You like it?


  1. I like the dress; I love that it's colourful! Everything seems to be black and white at the moment.

  2. I really like that dress - hmmm, might have to head off to Target myself...

  3. The dress is excellent. I don't suppose it would be a problem if I got one too seeing as we're in different states, huh?

  4. Love the dress!! I sooo miss Target - will be doing some serious shopping there as soon as we get off the plane in December (OK, maybe I might say hello quickly to friends and family but they will just have to appreciate my need to shop for clothes in places where my shape and size is not classified as mutant!!).

  5. My heart goes out to you. I know the courage it takes to be honest about the sorrows in our lives. You are the best sister you can be, and I think you are doing great. Bless your heart!!

    Wonderful elegant dress. Versatile and sooo classy. And on sale too? Yes!!

  6. lovely dress. very sad story, and guilt is a useless emotion. (says the queen of guilt). i doubt there is any more you could do for him, and he is at least being properly cared for. and your gift will be very much appreciated :)

  7. clarification: i didnt mean to be dismissive about guilt. its just that i hate it. i have sent denise an email explaining myself, sorry if i offended anyone else....

  8. I work in behavioral health and have seen how addictions can ruin lives. Not just the individual but their families' as well. Thank you for sharing what I know must be a painful thing for you. I am thinking good thoughts for your brother. I think the dress will look lovely on you! The colors are gorgeous.

  9. Love the frock! Very glam.

    Your brother's addictions sound like a very painful and sad part of your life. I think, for self-preservation's sake, there's only so much of ourselves we can give to those who, despite, best efforts, chose a particular path. I'm sure you've been the very best sister you could be.

  10. The dress is just lovely. You'll have to get DH to take you out to some posh places just so you can show it off after the wedding.

    It is a sobering reminder of what can happen once we head down the path of drugs. You are very courageous to let us in on such a painful part of your life. As much as we love someone, sometimes we can't help and must give the job to those more capable to handle the situation.

  11. Very nice dress! I love Target! I'm sorry about your brother - but agree with kms; it's not your fault, and guilt is a heavy load you definitely don't deserve or need. Life is hard enough to get through sometimes without beating yourself up all the time, right?

  12. I have spent some time at Interim House, and let me tell you, it is an amazing place (and the staff which works there is wonderful--committed and creative). Thank you for the IH plug. I love that people might find IH via your blog, which they will visit because of Lime and Violet!

    It just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside!!!!

  13. You DO know what I'm going through. I'm sorry for the lost potential. I hope for better days.

    Thank you for the Interim House link. I had not heard of them. I may not be able to save another, but I can take a positive step in someone else's recovery.

    Tonight I'll light the candle for you...



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