12 November 2007

Aching Hearts update

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and well wishes... I do appreciate them all.

Today has been better for Lily - she is looking much happier, although she's still breathing pretty fast and is spending lot of time sleeping in her basket. The vet has put her on a new heart med, which is our last line of attack. Hopefully this will help, and ease her scary collapsing fits (probably caused by low blood pressure). If/when this doesn't work, then we are looking at needing to put her to sleep. But we've been given a little more time together.

As for my brother - the cardiologist has seen him, and says there's nothing more they can do to help. Tim isn't a candidate for a heart transplant (because of the ongoing drug abuse). He's out of hospital and back in his psych home (across the road from the hospital) on higher doses of his heart meds, but he now has the progressive failure of his liver, then kidneys, and finally lungs to look forward to because of the back pressure caused by his congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy. No time estimate given by his doctor. It promises to be pretty unpleasant, poor bugger :( It's no great surprise to any of us, we've known this was coming since 2000.

And amidst all this we're moving (finally) at the end of next week. One small mercy - the owner of our current house has decided to wait until we're out before putting it on the market, so we don't have to put up with Open Houses and suchlike - phew!

Thank goodness it's JejuneDay tomorrow (yes, I have been keeping it up)! Hope to get some painting time, more progress on Ben's Sherwood (isn't it purty?) and maybe some very very rare shoe shopping for the wedding - by which I mean I don't often shop for shoes, not that I'm going to buy rare shoes ;)


  1. thank heavens for small mercies. Goodness me, what a run you've had.

    Sending lots of "coping" vibes your way.

    I hope things look up soon. Love to lily.

  2. Can life throw any more sh*t at you? Have a good "me" day tomorrow as you really deserve it.

  3. Hope you have a nice peaceful day tomorrow, look after yourself and Lily, hope your brother is doing ok too.

  4. What a wonderful concept. A Jejune Day. Everyone should adopt this. Not because we should have to have a reason for "me" but because it reminds us that we have the right, nay, responsibility, to look after ourselves.
    All the best

  5. Blessings on your little blossom. Wishing your brother a peaceful passing. And prayers for your move. Hooray for Jejune day! Dear girl, you really, really need it! Savor every bit of it!!

  6. Will be thinking of you all darling

  7. Glad that Lily is doing a little better.

    Enjoy your day, hope you find some fab shoes! Sherwood is looking really great too.

  8. i am so sorry to hear about all your troubles and my thoughts are with you. i hope you are enjoying jejune day today. big hug. k xxx

  9. Sorry to hear about all the bad news. I hope they are both doing ok. New shoes are always cheer inducing. :)

  10. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, friend, and eventually it will all be behind you.

    And hopefully, there will be some semblance of wisdom gained (though I often have to get quite a bit of space between me and the event before I can discern it)

    I'll keep praying for blessings!

  11. Glad Lily is holding her own. I know you will appreciate evry moment of your extra bonus time with her. She looks very happy listening to her music!!!


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