14 November 2007

Yarn, cables, and chaos

It's arrived! Yarn #8 is finally in the shops - and look at page 5! Thanks Barb!

Here's where I'm up to on my latest painting ... bit stumped as to how to get the cables to look good, with the right amount of detail (some, but not too much) - so will just look and think about it for a few days to figure out the solution. Also need to paint the needles. Don't want to screw it up at this stage!

As you can see we're very close to moving (it's been a damned long wait!) - getting very sick of the boxes. 10 sleeps til we get the keys and the guys with the moving van show up! HUGE amount of work to do before then ...

It will be good to move out of here - this place has no insulation, is an oven and freezer in the wrong seasons (ie hot in summer, cold in winter), is too small for us, one small bathroom, tiny bedrooms, no garage, and an awful driveway.


I will really really miss this view, from the dining room, where I paint (and we have meals, on occasion ;)
Isn't it lush? I just love it. Jasmine, camellias, gum trees, green bushy things (I'm not a natural gardener, can you tell?). The whole room is bathed in afternoon sunshine every day ...

Our new place is much bigger and better, but not much garden to speak of... The potted lemon tree and daphne bush are coming with us, that will help a little. But - - still - - sigh.


  1. Arrrgghhhh I remember those days of having your house filled with boxes and your life is in limbo. Never again....crossing my fingers. That view is to die for but not worth the comfort issues for the family.

    Congrats on the pubilicity in Yarn. Can't wait to hear what becomes of all this advertising.

  2. Congratulations on the bit in Yarn! I'm not a natural gardener either, but I do like a view with green bushy things. ;) I bet you'll discover something equally wonderful at the new place.

  3. Yayy for the blurb in Yarn!! And yay for the upcoming move! Remember, God created paper plates because he loves us. There will be so much to love in the new place. You just need to settle in and find them.

  4. Yes, yay for the bit in Yarn [ such a shame she's trying to sell the mag ] and I'm sure Zoe will be thrilled that you mention ed Purl's Palace. I'm teaching silk paper making for her today so will tell her if she hasn't already seen it.

  5. Loved the bit in Yarn - and so sad it won't be thee any more -*sniff* I remember the joy of having your life boxed up and waiting to move - but I was never organised enough to get it done 10 days out! Think more 2 days out!

  6. 10 days will fly by and then you can unpack all those boxes! One of the things I like about my house is when I lie in bed and look out the windows, all I can see is trees and sky. The views will be different but you will come to love them too.

  7. that's definitely a view to be missed. I would be missing it already, too.

    Was very exciting to finally get my copy last night and see you there. I was reading it in bed and read it to Sean. We were both so proud!

  8. oooh yay yarn!!!!!
    I'll be on the hunt for it this afternoon... =)

  9. ps, we must talk about potted daphne one day - i inherited one from the Boy's mother and it has been a complete disaster and i have no idea what i've done wrong =S eeek

  10. Love the colors in the new painting - it'll be another winner, I'm sure! There is nothing worse than waiting for the move... you're half ready, but can't pack up the other half because you "might still need it." Very aggravating!


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