04 November 2007

It's all blue!

Last week I had some stunning revelations about my nephew Ben :

1) His 2nd birthday is on the 28th November (hey, he's only new, we're still getting used to a new family birthday, in the midst of 30 other immediate family members)!

2) 28th November is the day of our final inspection on our old house (ugh).

3) My sister and her hubby and Ben will BE IN CANBERRA on the 28th (very rare, as they live in London - they're coming to Australia for our brother Ben's wedding on 1st Dec). Those of you paying attention will notice that there are TWO Bens in our family.

4) OMG I could knit him a jumper! My first toddler jumper in about 15 years!

5) But he probably has heaps of jumpers, being a bloody-freezing-London resident. Let's ask, shall we?

6) He doesn't, as they're really expensive! He only has one, which he's growing out of, and my sister was thrilled at the offer!

7) So I got to choose a new pattern! Sherwood off Knitty (I'd always loved it since seeing Olivia's rendition).

8) And I got to buy WOOL! 2 balls of Classic 8ply from Bendigo, my sister chose Aztec, a cool blue (as opposed to a warm blue, not that's it's HIP; well, it might be, but I don't know about such things ;) :

Here's the blocked swatch in pattern - I'm perfectly on gauge (w00t!), the chart for the cables all coloured in, and the first 6 or so rows (note incredibly cute koala and wombat stitch markers, thanks Secret Pal!). After a quick chat with Olivia about using a 100% wool instead of a cotton wool blend, I'm making Size 4 (even though Size 2 is a more exact fit with Ben's measurements). It's fast and fun! And perfect distraction from packing and other dramas...

And here's Lily asleep on my Mariah... perfect puppy pillow!

Edit for Amy (and others!) : the reasoning behind making the bigger size is that a cotton jumper will be heavier and pull downwards more when worn, while a wool one will be more springy and light, and sit 'shorter'. It also seemed that the Size 4 suited Olivia's 2 year old nephew well, and I also thought a bigger size would be better for little people who grow fast :) Julie has a good blog post about substituting yarns here, too.


  1. I love that pattern - can't wait to see it done!

  2. sounds like it will be a frantic weekend but in a good way!
    gotta love the BWM - and luurve the Aztec colour.
    MMMMMM Sherwood - now if I could just overcome my fear of charts

  3. I noticed this in your Ravelry. So glad you brought it up here. I'm curious--why the larger size with the fiber swith? Is it because one would expect the cotton/wool blend to stretch a little? Because cotton is heavier? I don't quite understand and would love to. Although, bigger is always better with kids' stuff anyway, in my opinion. He can layer! Plus, they DO grow fast, don't they? ;)

    PS Beautiful pattern. Looking forward to progress photos...

  4. Lily is such a sweetie!

    Sherwood will be great knit with the Bendigo. Look forward to seeing that little one done.

  5. I am a little jealous. i have a small niece and nephew but their parents aren't the kind to adore handknits. Someday i will have grandchildren and they will wear all the pent up knitting I am feeling! I love the blue, warm or cool, who cares? It's beautiful.

  6. That is a sweet pattern, I never ran across that one before. and your yarn is knitting up beautifully.

  7. Splendid yarn selection and splendid pattern. Lucky Ben!! Happy Lily. she looks so cozy.

    blessings on your packing and moving. All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

    By the way, have you ever thought of including Lulu in one of your paintings?

  8. Sherwood is on my "to do" list as well - can't wait to see it! And I love the colour.

    Glad mariah's getting a little Lily lovin' while your attention is elsewhere!

  9. What a lovely birthday pressie for Little Ben! (As opposed to knitting London's Big Ben a jumper - !!!)
    May he wear it well.

    And Lily looks so comfy on Mariah...

    Ciao for now!

  10. Chloe would like to invite Lily and Lulu to her birthday party (tomorrow). Stop by Chloe's blog for a birthday preview today. : ))))

  11. I've been wanting to do that pattern ever since I saw it. Only problem with it being that I think it goes too high up the neck and would probably itch a kid with their sensitive skin. I suppose skivvies would be the answer...

  12. So lovely - enjoy (and I really like that colour Bendi!)

  13. Brilliant colour and I love the pattern.
    Lily is so sweet snuggled up on Mariah!

  14. I stopped being hip or cool a long time ago...so I'll have to take youjr sister's word on the colour choice. I just think that it's a great colour.

    The jumper will look fab when it's done. Don't be surprised if your sister asks for more :)


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