20 November 2007

More Secrets

My not-so-Secret Pal has been at it again! Too hot and headachy to write much, but lookit the pretty things! Thanks Abbey, you're The Best! She's told me who she is (meh, it's nearly the end of November, and she slipped up with her name - was bound to happen eventually ;) So you can pop over to her place and say hi!

Good Knitting mag - love the top on the front cover - silk, no less! And the Cook's Illustrated mag is very cool, I'm really enjoying reading it - the hand-drawn illustrations are quite stunning. Very interesting information and recipes, too.

Special treats for Lily .... although Aussie Quarantine / Customs took out the doggy biscuits (made from animal products).

Highly COOL Knitting Calender. Haven't opened the daily cards yet, that will be a treat once I've finished moving...

FUNNY Post-It notes (check the close up), lovely skin cream stuff, and 'Lady-Like Rosebud Mint lip balm' - perfect!

Mine, mine, mine, not sharing, nuh uh, no way. MIGHT let people fondle it under close supervision ;) Secret Pal tells me she has some in the same colourway (Dream in Color - SMOOSHY sock yarn, Beach Fog), so we can compare our finished objects!

Progress on Sherwood - not a great pic, I know, but I've divided at the armholes, and am nearly up to the shoulder shaping on the back! My sister and hubby and nephew Ben arrive in Canberra tomorrow - and it's too bloody hot to knit :p Doing what I can at nights. At least I can try it on the boy himself soon!

Didn't have much of a Jejune Day today - not really possible with a move a few days away - we have to be ready to go by Friday night. Didn't cook dinner though. Packed boxes, sorted things, and so on. Sent off the last package to my Secret Pal spoilee.

Also sorted out photos, I'm looking for photos of my brother Tim to scan... His condition is worsening, today his doctors said that family members who want to see him should visit soon :/ My (soon to be married) brother Ben, and (just arrived from London today) sister Jen, and mum are coming to Canberra tomorrow. It's all a bit mad. Why does everything have to happen at once?!


  1. Bles your heart! It's that Chinese curse - "May you live in interesting times." I bet things are just toooo interesting for you right now! If anyone offers to help, take them up on it! Have them do your dishes or change the sheets or shine your husband's shoes. Any little thing will let them feel good and make your life a bit easier. People really DO want to useful, but can't think what to do.

  2. On Monday I was at dance class and sitting down between dances when one of the others glanced my way and said " MOVE... RIGHT...NOW!!"
    yes huntsman of the 6" variety just behind my head. So I moved.
    We couldn't see anything big enough to put over it for a trip outside so we left it.
    The teacher hates 'em though so it's probably had a terminal encounter with a broom by now.

  3. Sigh...it all happens at once to make us appreciate the down times even more.

    I think when this is all over...have a Jejune week...you'll need it.

  4. Lovely spoilage - your pal is the best! Ooooo smooshy yarn - yum!

    Hope the move goes smoothly and you get some quality Jejune time next week.

  5. Your times are very interesting right now. Sorry about your brother. I will keep your family in my thoughts as we come into our Thanksgiving weekend.


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