13 November 2007


Feast your eyes - this doesn't happen often - yes folks, I BOUGHT SHOES. TWO pairs, no less. Upping my grand shoe count from 3 pairs to 5!

These are for my brother Ben's wedding which is only in about 3 weeks (yikes! I've got to move house before then!) ...

I bought these at the FSW in Phillip, so both were reduced price. I needed something strappy but comfortable for the wedding and reception... man, who designs fancy footwear? Have they never heard of arch support?! Took me about an hour, but eventually I settled on these Sandlers - Delta, reduced from $89.95 to $59.00. Black. Leather uppers (what there is of them!).

Not very high heels, but I honestly couldn't find anything higher that was comfortable. Another customer said they have kitten heels, but I don't know if that's right - you shoes-ey ladies (you know who I mean, Rose Red!), can you enlighten me?

And I also needed some informal but nice sandals, to wear to the family-only lunch at my future sister-in-law's family home (and yes, they're incredibly wealthy, so I don't want to look like a slob in my broken down Homy Peds!). This family lunch will be on the day after the wedding, at their house on the Brisbane River - we have the options of fishing and swimming... oooooh errrrh... !

These are BareTraps - hey Bells, they're named after your sister - Adele. Reduced from $69.95 to $59.00. Black leather tops (there was a choice of black - goes with lots; white - gets grubby; or hot pink - SO not me). A little arch support and nice cushy soles. Not too high, wedge heel.

Now we just need to get some shoes for Dotter, and we'll be all set!

Lily is doing really well on the new heart med, she's looking pretty chipper and happy - thank goodness! Don't know how long this will last, but we're enjoying every extra day we have with her :)

Jejune's Day is going nicely - wandered around the Tuggers Hyperdome this morning to get a feel for the place (it will be our new local shopping centre), then did the shoe shopping thing, and now it's time for some painting!


  1. Cute footwear. Yep, those ARE kitten heels on the strappy affair. I love kitten heels. And the other sandals look like another great choice for the outing by the water. Enjoy, enjoy!

    Glad to hear you're having a good day off with yourself.

    Good movie to watch - "In Her Shoes."

  2. Oh, I like those, especially the second pair. Does anyone else see the chain of stitches going up the center of the first pair? It looks exactly like a column of knit stitches, or maybe a chain of crochet, to me. (Do I have a problem?)

  3. You know, you're right, the strappy sandals DO have a chain of stitches running up the front! Cool!

    And no, you don't have a problem Amy - well, maybe we ALL do, but it's a collective madness ;)

  4. You can always do what I do at weddings, part way through, take the shoes off, and dance up a storm in bare feet (it always gave my mum such a heart attack to see the photos afterwards). I did this at all the sibs' weddings.

    Nice shoes, I have serious envy over the second pair, they look really comfortable.

  5. Well done with the shoes. Looks like you have a kitten heel to me.

  6. Oh very stylish indeed! Comfort and style .. you're a great shopper.

  7. Pretty, pretty shoes! Stroll with slow elegance, and remember to stand up straight. Your center of gravity will be thrown forward, so keep reminding yourself to tip your hips under.

  8. Oh, I'm so relieved to hear Lily is faring well (I was a little afraid to click over and find out...) and that you are keeping up with your "days." You need 'em!

    Love the shoes! Good choices!

  9. Oh, nice work. Very stylish, and bargains to boot.

    Glad to hear Lily's doing OK ;-)

  10. My computer does not like your blog. It keeps locking up most times I come to read your latest post. So while I'm here, I'll try to catch up.

    Regardless of what Tim has done to himself in the past my heart aches for the pain he he will go through in the coming months ahead. My thoughts and good wishes go to you and your family.

    Poor Lily, such a dear little thing. It's so hard when you are near the end with a four legged family member. I remember when I had to put down our dog of 12 years. I was with her at the end and afterwards sat in my car crying my eyes out. Treasure every moment you have left with her.

    On a happier note...cute shoes on sale...what more could you want for a Jejune Day.

  11. Jejune has shoes! Yay! Jejune has pretty shoes! Double yay! And one of them is named after my beloved sister. Well, not really, but yay!

    I think you chose really well.

  12. Great shoes! Yes, definitely a kitten heel on the knitting pair, and I think the second pair are perfect for Sunday lunch by the river!

  13. great shoes! but - only 5 pairs of shoes??? i started to hyperventilate when i read that. i have more pairs than that in the bottom drawer of my credenza in my office!
    (just had a think - i own 5 pairs of black boots!)


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