08 January 2007

Apples & the Caterpillar Shawl

Here's my latest watercolour painting... I'm really happy with how the piece of fabric turned out, and the fruit isn't too bad. The background is too empty, though - I think the painting would benefit from cropping.

And here's the start of a shawl! I'm using the 4ply Bendigo Mills pink wool - there's over 200g on the cone - and I'll use the lovely 2 ply 'Spring Caterpillar' wool for the lace border. I'll probably add some beads somewhere along the way too. The wool isn't frightfully soft, so I'm hoping that washing will help.
And in a terrible terrible development, I'm going to have to buy an 80cm 3.5mm bamboo circular needle, as these bamboo straights won't be long enough soon. Oh well ;)


  1. Good work Jejune. Beautiful apples!!

    A word of advice. I'm going to replace the circular i'm using for the steeked jacket because the yarn catches on the join constantly. it's horrible. Choose your bamboo circular carefully!

  2. I love the title of your post, it sounds like a Miss Marple mystery!

  3. Thanks ladies :)

    Do I have to write the novel now?! LOL ;)

    I've generally been very happy with my good-quality bamboo circulars... my newest one, which I'm using on the cotton top (and cotton is VERY 'catchy') is a Clover, and works beautifully. But thanks for the heads up - I've not used them with fine lace-weight before, so will think about trying the Addi Turbos.

    The worst bamboo circs I've got are the cheapy ones from Hong Kong, and have hollow tubing between the needles, which is way too thick, and stitches don't slide along at all.

  4. The painting turned out nicely. I really like the colors. I'd like to see a cropped verson, too, so I can decide which I prefer. I kind of like the space behind the bowl being empty.


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