25 January 2007

Mmmmm swimmmming

Ahhhh - I just did 14 laps (ok, only breaststroke, but it was still hard work) at Erindale Pool, and the overwhelming sense of well-being and plain old happiness is wonderful, and could easily become addictive. Huh - who'd have thought? Maybe all those doctors and psychologists were right after all ;)


  1. Very addictive, but in a good way :)

  2. I hope it's addictive because I'm jumping on your band wagon and going to try out swimming. I suck at regular exercise so I'm hoping I can stick to a twice weekly regimen - when I get home on Wednesdays and on Saturdays. Here's hoping, anyway.

    Thanks for the cot blankie comments. I'm going to do it in cream cotton 8ply. I've been told that so long as you wash cotton knits in a lingerie bag, they're OK in a washer. The northern hemisphere mum (or should I write mom?) only has a clothes dryer. I've also been told that cotton handknits shoudl be dried in a dryer to retain their shape. So that's what I've been doing wrong!

  3. Yeah, I suck at regular exercise too. The pool I go to is next to my daughter's new school (Erindale College) - she starts in a few weeks' time. I figure I can drive her to College a couple of times a week, and go for a swim then. I have to build it into my daily routine, otherwise it ain't gonna work.

    Huh, didn't know that about drying cotton... interesting! It's funny in the US, most people only have a dryer, they look at you funny when you say you want to hang things outside!

  4. oh good for you Jejune! At least it's something cool to do in the heat!

  5. you know im all about the swimming :) the addictive part is the endorphins - when you think you cant swim anymore but you do and then suddenly you think youre like kieran perkins or something! sometimes i come home in the morning exhausted and think i will never swim again and then by 3pm im thinking 'hmm maybe i could go do another few laps'. great fun and good on you :)

  6. Thanks Kylie - yeah, I'm really enjoying it, which is the key, really. I'm going for my next swim tomorrow morning, before I start work. I'm going to need a nicer swimsuit soon - my current one has straps that just aren't comfortable.


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