16 January 2007

Innocent beginnings

Here's the story of our trip - I have a revolting head cold, so will Blog when possible, but it may be a bit slower than usual.

We left on the early morning flight to Brisbane - 6.30am on Thursday. We slept through the alarm too, so the drive to the airport was a little, shall we say, tense? But we got there as the flight was boarding, and made it onto the plane, along with our luggage, without further mishap.

Lulu had her own seat, and, although she refused to do her seatbelt up, I had high hopes of her during our visit. She started off well-behaved, anyway.

At this stage Lulu was simply entranced at being so high off the ground. She thought the clouds looked like huge soft piles of silky merino :) Aaah, for a sky-spinning wheel....

This was my knitting project for the trip (although not on the plane, bamboo double points clearly being much more dangerous than say, oooh, a PEN. Grrr.

Anyway, this is a Just Jussi baby singlet pattern, which I'm making for my friend H who has just had a little boy. I did the swatch and most of the singlet within 2 days of being in Brisbane. Merino Bambino, buttery yellow, on 2.75 mm and 3.00 mm needles.


  1. Hey Lulu! You've been up in a plane now!

    Hope you had fun! BB says he loves you.

  2. Oh for a sky abatoir! The singlet islovely, Jejune.


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