03 January 2007

A fresh start

Photos at last! This is my new stay-at-home premium knitting tool kit, with special things like sock-shaped point protectors and tiny stitch markers for lace. And yes, a cow tape measure (get thee to Socrates at Woden or Civic, they cost about $4).

And this is the FOURTH time I've cast on for my cotton singlet. This will be the last time! 160 stitches, NO twists in the cast on (I check every few minutes, just to make sure it hasn't wriggled around while I wasn't watching). I've since knit 2 rows, and am about to start on a row of eyelets.


  1. Lovely new kit bag, Jejune. :) When you posted about what a bitch the cotton was to get started I was tempted to say abandon it - then you show us a picture and I remember how divine it is. Go the singlet top. :)

  2. Yeah, it's worth persevering.... it's just beautiful cotton, and is even nicer once it's been washed.


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