07 January 2007

It's there!

I still didn't quite believe it was going to happen... but The Connoisseur is really in today's Sunday Age, on page 21. They've removed the graphic title, my byline, and the puzzle number. Don't mind about the title and number, but slightly peeved about the byline. But I'm only the new kid on the block... hmmmmm, it also means I won't get hate mail if I make a mistake in a clue. So maybe it's not such a bad thing after all ;)

I actually - gasp - have some knitting news. I'm making progress on the cotton top, and am knitting a simple net stitch for the lower border. Here's what it looks like so far :

Last week we had our Thursday night Stitch'n Bitch, which was really lovely.. Lulu of course had to come along and create mischief. She kissed B-B several times, met Susan, played with Othlon, and then stole this lovely scarf knitted by Taph. I did eventually wrest it off her, but it took some doing, and promises of cashmere.


  1. OK, we're still doing it - but resolved not to cheat by asking you for the unfinished ones!!! congratulations, how thrilling.

    That Lulu has a better social life than I do, by far. I don't go the big Melb S'n'B 'cos I dron't drive and it's always inconvenient, and the little one I used to run during the day died off when I started TAFE. So I miss a decent knatter with knitters.

  2. yay about the puzzle, well done!! i cant believe how busy you guys have been while ive been lazing around a camp site, so much fibre action its exhausting! now that ive finished unpacking and washing and the tick-dog is recovering i hope to catch you all in person soon! hope you had a great christmas and the family are all well and happy :)

  3. Hope you were successful, Sheep Rustler :) It takes a bit of research (and to be honest I wrote that one so long ago, around a year, I don't know all the answers either).

    Yeah, Lulu certainly gets about. She's getting a trip to Brisbane this week, too! I hate to think what sort of chaos will ensue on the plane... I may have to keep her shoved in a bag, and just ignore the pitiful bleating.

    And welcome home Kylie - looking forward to catching up soon!

  4. BB was so happy to see a photo of Lulu, Jejune. I've got photos of BB up now too!

    And hooray for you and your puzzle. That's such cool news!


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