22 January 2007

Legless lamb

I don't think I need to add anything - let's just say that Lulu came home completely hung over, in disgrace, in the suitcase. I won't even discuss how much the mini bar damage cost us...


  1. Oh my. Was Lulu missing BB and that's why she got hammered? I'd keep an eye on her Jejune. she's out of control!

    I'll have to reconsider her relationship with BB. I thinks he's a BAAAD influence. LOL!

  2. I love her blissed-out smile in the last photo.

  3. She is definitely a worrying little lamb - we don't have a lot of alcohol in the house, so when we left her in the hotel room alone...

    Yes, I think she is missing BB. But she's also just plain old naughty! And quite happy to be drunk, as you noticed, Olivia :)


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