14 January 2007

Back again!

Hello all, just got back from Brisbane - yes, we escaped the shocking heat of Canberra by flying to Brisbane (40.5C in Canberra (3rd hottest day on record) vs ~32C in Brisbane last Friday). Meeting with my syndicator went well - great to put faces to names, and get a tour of their surprisingly extensive offices - had a great time staying with my only cruciverbalist colleague and his family, and had a wicked day and night at Rydges South Bank with my bunny (hubby). Humidity makes my hair go curly, which was fun.

Lulu, was, however, badly behaved - I know, I should have expected it. It was always going to be risky taking her along... photos to tell the sorry story soon.

On the knitting front I started and nearly finished a baby singlet for a friend who has just had a baby boy; singlet uses lovely soft buttery yellow Merino Bambino from my stash.

I've landed to find I've got several urgent work deadlines, so it may be a few days before I can post pics... It's good to be home :)


  1. Welcome home. So pleased it went well. Don't suppose you managed to "lose" Lulu in Brisbane?

  2. No, but she was banished to the suitcase for the flight home! Disgraceful lamb...


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