27 January 2007

Socky goodness and purple loot

Socky things!

This is the final blue Patonyle sock - I didn't get the pair in the photo, but they are both done (honest!). The top section is in a stranded stitch (from the Knitty Crusoe sock), and the rest is a straight-forward sock design. I finished these quick smart, as I needed my Ivore sock needles to start a pair of sock for my sister's birthday!

I decided to use the lovely sock wool dyed by my daughter, and add some beads to the edge. I'm adapting the Rolling Thunder sock design on Knitty. It has a hemmed top which is a bit fiddly, but looks lovely :)

The blue wool is the crocheted chain, which is the start of the cast on. The sock wool is knit into each crocheted stitch, and after knitting 10 rows, and then doing 10 rows of pattern, including beads, the crocheted chain is undone, and the live stitches put onto extra needles. Then they are knitted in with the other stitches, by knitting through 2 stitches at once (from the 'current' needle and the 'cast on' edge). It took some time...!

But it looks lovely now!

And now for some gloating... dotter and I found these at Salvos today - 2 untouched balls of warm brown pure cotton (according to our translation efforts at the German label).
But the 800g of soft lace-weight purple stuff for $4? Woo hoo! The label says it's Cashmilon... I've just looked it up online, and it's a 100% nylon machine knitting yarn. The fruit is there as a size reference, so you can see how truly enormous the thing is!


  1. Sister socks are very pretty, Jejune - she will love them. :) Got your text late last night (forgot to take the phone).

  2. well done you! and if i remember correctly... you can dye nylon with food dye ;)

  3. oh pretty blue socks! And I LOVE the beading on the new ones. Can you show me how you do that some time?

    And fabulous loot. What WILL you do with the big cone????

  4. Thank you ladies :) Yes, I can show you Bells - I've even got a book on Knitting with Beads you can read - but it's a dangerous addition to the knitting habit (well, an expensive one!).

    Hope I can dye the mauve stuff, Spidey... there's an awful lot of it!
    I think for starters the dotter and I will roll it into smaller balls on my Singer ball winder. Hubby has suggested running it out behind the car while we drive across town, to see how long it is ;)

  5. oh wow what fabulous things are being done with socks today!

  6. I'm with Bells, those beads look amazing. I''m yet to knit my own Mother a pair of socks *gasp* To make them extra spiffy when I eventually get around to knitting them I'll need a Jejune-style beading tutorial please?! See you in Oxford for a mini Canber's SnB anytime :)

  7. Well, this post scores three on the WOW-meter. I must admit that I started to read how the cuff is begun on your sister's socks but c****** was mentioned so my eyes blurred. Regardless, the fruits of the combined c******, Knitting and Beading is fabulous. Well done on the score, although are you sure the mauve yarn isn't going to become a white elephant?

  8. I think the mauve nylon has a very high 'white elephant' rating, LOL!
    I've put about a third of it into balls... and there's still a huge cone of it. Lurking...

    With the clever sock hem, all you need is a provisional cast on of some description, so that you can get 'live' stitches back again when you come to knit them in with the main body of the sock. The hem makes a little tube in effect.

    KnittyDoll - I really hope we can get to Oxford - it was be so brilliant to meet up with you... at this stage our Oxford contact isn't replying to any of my emails, so things have ground to a halt :/ When do you return to Oz?


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