05 January 2007

Woo hooo!

I know this blows my anonymity somewhat, but I've just found out that The Melbourne Age newspaper has signed a 6-month contract to publish one of my crosswords every Sunday, starting this weekend!!! This is a major coup for me, breaking into a metropolitan paper at last, after being syndicated for 9 months :D

The crossword is a very tricky one, which takes me nearly a day to write, so it means a lot of work from now on, but I'm happy! My syndicator has a 10 puzzle stash, so I don't have to panic just yet... but I do need to keep writing at a steady rate.


  1. So very, very happy for you, Jejune. You're an ace puzzle writer, now the world - well Melbourne first, then the world - will know.

  2. that's absolutely wonderful news! Well done Jejune!!

    And I see you got a blogger map too. Nice! It's fun to watch the dots grow.


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