09 February 2007

The background

I'll put the latest photos at the top, so eventually there will be a progression from finished artwork to just started artwork by reading down my Blog.

Here's the background finished, as of about 10.30pm last night. I'm still not getting really good photos, the colour balance is a bit off, and there's shadowing where I don't want it. I obviously need to RTFM (Read The F*****g Manual) for my new camera!

The leaves and flower petals will overlap the background, so it does 'go over the lines' intentionally :)

All the paper so far is torn coloured pages from glossy magazines, like Vogue Living and so on (best use for those mags, I reckon). The glue I use is matt acrylic medium, and my tools are a stiff flat bristle brush, a brayer (roller), cut up plastic bags (to put on top of the collage while I roll it with the brayer, so glue doesn't get on the roller), a pair of scissors, a water container, and my hands. At this stage nearly all the paper is torn into shape, not cut. Apart from the edges.

Here's the background partially done (and shot in bad lighting at night)...


  1. um, i have i think three years worth of Vogue Australia magazine if you could use them. i didnt want to chuck em because they werent cheap... that is if my folks havent chucked them!

  2. Gold! Yes, please... the images of fabrics / clothes are great to use. Thank you!


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