02 February 2007

Reader outcry

Well, what do you know. I've caused a real 'reader outcry'. The dear readers of The Sunday Age were so incensed at the loss of their regular crossword, which was replaced with mine, that the paper is dropping my crossword, effective immediately. How fucky is that?

There's still a 6-month contract in place, so they'll be publishing one of my kiddie puzzles on the kids puzzle page instead. But it doesn't have the same weight as a serious crossword. There was I thinking I was getting somewhere. Ooops, I forgot hide-bound readers who don't want anything new.


  1. That's outrageous and truly sucks! Bloody Mexicans, whadda they know anyway?

  2. So sorry to hear this : ( I remember doing the crossword in the Adelaide Advertiser and becoming very used to the clues that the writer used. As time went on it made the crossword very quick and I had a pseudo feeling of smartness. Perhpas this is what happened to the readers - new person new standard clues . Either way, bugger!

  3. oh that sucks so badly. How can they break a contract like that??? i'm so sorry Jejune!!!!

  4. Thanks for your commiserations ladies... My syndicator doesn't know the story behind the old crossword, but yes, readers get very used to the work of one compiler, and obviously get more vocal about the change than over other (one would think more important) things like, oh, global warming and the state of our health system.

    The contract hasn't been broken, just changed - they will now print one of my children's puzzles instead. It takes me an hour to create each one, as opposed to the 5-7 hours of work for each Connoisseur, so perhaps I'm ahead after all? I don't know, doesn't quite feel like it yet.

  5. I am outraged - the previous ones were so hard that we pretty much stopped doing them because they were so frustrating, and we liked yours because they were easier but still very intelligent!

    I think in protest I will no longer even attempt the Sunday one (the Saturday one is part of my life, I can't drop that one!)

    On behalf of the idiotic Age readers of Melbourne, I apologise and commiserate!

  6. that sux on so many levels. firstly that people have time to complain about which crossword the paper prints, i mean really people get a life. secondly, why cant the paper just print both and then people can have an EXTRA crossword to do, and be HAPPY crossworders instead of grumbling ones? sheesh....


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