25 February 2007

All hail the cotton top!

Friday brought storms to Canberra yet again. We're getting a lot of thunderstorms of late, which bring welcome rain, exciting thunder and lightling (as my brother used to say), but also a fair amount of damage. We got hail this time, and our backyard looked like it had snowed (albeit lightly) :

And since the Sister Socks are done, I've got back to work on the Cotton Top, the one I'm making up designing as I go... I'd forgotten where I was up to with the lace pattern, so figured this was as good a time as any to start on the stocking stitch section ;) I'm also putting in a little bit of side shaping, a few decreases at the sides now and then. The aqua blue bits of yarn mark the sides, and are from a ball of Dotter's handspun.

Heading off in a while to our extra Stitch'n Bitch this afternoon in Belconnen. Shall be without Dotter, as she was rather annoying and stupid silly and stayed up til 5am.


  1. It was lovely to see you this arvo (and the socks, cotton top and shawl). Your DD missed a lovely afternoon.

  2. Hail! Does it hail a lot there? Ouch. Would love to see ur cotton top when it's done.

  3. We don't normally get much hail - it's just we've been getting more severe thunderstorms of late.

    The big worry with my cotton top is whether I'll have enough cotton to finish it ... I'm using cotton from our swaps basket, which was bought overseas, so can't buy any more anywhere!

  4. Cute lace!

    I saw photos of the crazy hail and snow? this morning. I suppose it is Autumn tomorrow but that still doesn't seem like a very good excuse.

    Although I'd rather that than the 37 we're having on Friday.


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