03 February 2007

How to Beat the Heat

If you have no insulation, no money, and no air conditioning, this summer can feel like a very hot and sticky sort of death sentence. It does in our house, anyway!

Hubby came up with a brilliant partial solution... get a few rolls of heavy-duty aluminium foil, and a roll or two of sticky tape, and get to work. About half our windows now have a layer of foil, shiny side out, stuck to them (on the inside surface). He covered roughly half of each 'set' of windows, so we still get daylight.

Cost : About $6

Effort : OK, it's a bit of a pain putting it up, it took a few hours

Downside : We don't have such good views, the house is darker inside, and I haven't had to remove the sticky tape from the windows yet...


Effectiveness : Noticeably cooler inside for most of the day! PLUS the aliens can't read our minds any more.... ;)


  1. As long as the long-range ASIO mikes still work you should be safe. Excellent solution.

  2. hmm this would probably be a good idea on my western facing windows. i was in an odd way pleased to hear that january was the hottest month on record in many years, with the average temp being 31c instead of last years 27 - at least it has confirmed what ive certainly been feeling. horrible when you work at home isnt it :(

  3. Yikes - I hadn't heard that particular statistic. I'm not surprised! Yeah, bad when you work at home and you can't escape to a nice air conditioned office!

    It seems that ASIO still has access, as we haven't heard any complaints ;)

    I actually quite like the house being fairly dark on a hot summer's day, it makes it seem cooler somehow...


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