18 February 2007

The Homing Yarn & Pink Lace

Now here's an interesting little story for you...

My pen pal Cindy (she of the Colour Change Laces fame) also sent me this ball of un-labelled sock yarn. I knew I'd seen that colourway before, so I hit the online shops, and, sure enough, it's Heirloom Jigsaw Sock Yarn, colour #38. It's an Australian brand. Cindy found it in Pennsylvania USA, whimpering in a homesick manner – and now it's back in Oz!

And here's a progress pic for you of my Spring Shawl... it's coming along very nicely, the lace pattern is finally stuck in my brain, the Addi Turbos make knitting and sliding stitches a breeze, and I'm quite happy (so far) to have ever-increasing row lengths - it's over 200 stitches a row now. I'm really enjoying the process, and hoping I'll have enough of the pink to make it a decent size before I do the border in my 'caterpillar yarn'.

Here's a close-up of the lace when it's stretched out - which I suppose is what it'll look like once it's been blocked. The knitted lace sort of buckles a bit at the moment. Can someone reassure me that it will lie flat after blocking?

My apologies for SnB today - a combination of PMS and a virus mean I'm really not well enough (or nice enough) to be out in public :p Lulu is most put out, she keeps butting my ankles...


  1. Ah, blocking! It's a magical thing. I love it, it's like watching butterflies emerge. It will certainly lay flat after it's blocked, and it will be beautiful! (Not that it isn't already!)

  2. Thank you for your comment, Donna. I can rest easy now :)

  3. as donna said, it will definately lie flat. trust in the blocking!

  4. Blocking is absolutely magical. The sister shawl looked like a dog's breakfast before I blocked it; after it was a joy to behold!

    Hope you get well/feel fit soon. My favourite from washing out excess ovary hormones is LOTS of weak green/jasmine tea. Cheers : )

  5. oh nice work Jejune! I love it. Look forward to seeing it blocked.

    And how nice to have local sock yarn returned home! GREAT colours!

  6. Thanks ladies!

    Thanks for the green tea idea, Kate... I actually hit peri-menopause last year (quite early), so my periods are all over the place, totally unpredictable, and my hormones are definitely not behaving themselves.

    I'm on Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin B6 every day, and they do seem to help with the mood swings, most of the time. Hopefully this current bout will settle down in a day or two.

  7. And that sock yarn found its way to the RIGHT home - clever little yarn. The shawl is coming along beautifully, Jejune - it will be divine; can barely wait for the caterpillar wool - too, too delish. :)


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