06 February 2007

Stash chaos

As you can see, Lulu has created havoc in my stash (which lives in a wooden chest)... Luckily I was able to evict her from her wooly nest, and clear it all out. But no doubt, she will get in there again when I'm not looking...


  1. honestly, she leaves a path of destruction in her wake everywhere she goes!

    I'm inclined to separate her and BB. Will she break BB's heart if we let her?

    i'm not sure I can deal with a broken hearted sheep.

  2. I think that's asking for trouble - if we try to keep them apart, that will only make them run away together! Think of Romeo and Juliet... it will only end in tragedy!

    Better to let them see each other, but under our supervision. Maybe BB will be a good influence on her, and curb her naturally chaotic tendencies? She has been pretty quiet over the past few days... I think she's pining ;)


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