08 February 2007

Sister Sock!

The first Sister Sock is done! In record time (for me anyway)... I've cast on its pair, and hope to get it done by next Wednesday!

I hope they're going to be big enough - Dear Sister has size 8 1/2 feet. I made the foot length 18 cm before I started on the toe decreases... but it still fits me well (7 1/2). Hmmm. I suppose if they're really too small I can unravel the toe sections and reknit them.

Thanks to Dear Dotter for being the foot model here - as well as dying the wonderful sock yarn that I'm knitting with!

And here is my gorgeous niece Ruby, who's 5, meeting Lulu for the first time. They were very taken with each other (both being mischievous and lively young ladies), and Ruby was keen to give her a kiss. I hope BB isn't jealous ;)


  1. happy sock dance! and what a cute little person!

  2. flowers, lovely socks, cute kids - great posts! i am glad to see lulu hasnt lost any of her spirit. i have size 8 1/2 and find the usual 14cms from heel too short (pulls the heel too far under the foot) so 17-18 is probably just right. love that yarn, clever dotter!

  3. Pretty socks! Just so lovely!

    And BB isn't jealous. that's obviously a very affectionate, friendly kiss, so he's ok with it.


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