07 February 2007

Negative grapes

This is a 'negative space' painting - an exercise from a book - which I did a few weekends ago. There is a splashy splattery underpainting, and then the negative shapes of the grapes are built up in layers (ie you paint the space around the objects).

I'm quite pleased with this result, but now need to apply the technique to a painting of my own... I know I painted this, but it was a copy of one in a book. The test of whether or not I've learnt anything about the method will come when I try to apply them to an original work.


  1. I know I should be fascinated by the technique, but I'm beguiled by the colours - yum.

  2. Oh yes I agree with Taph - yummy colours!! Go forth and do your own painting Jejune!

  3. I never got up to painting negative space - just got tantilised by it from my teacher. bum! this looks really good : )

    Good idea with the alfoil. We used to do this to block out light when we did shift work as a student nurse. If you looked up at the nurses' quarters from outside you could pick the rooms whose occupants were on night duty!
    I can't wait for autumn, either. However, I've noticed just how much cooler Canberra is from Wagga every time I visit!


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