01 February 2007

Where I Knit

This post is for Julie (aka Samurai Knitter) - this is where I knit when I'm at home. The basket next to the chair is my works in progress basket (as opposed to the huge wooden Stash Chest, which is opposite my chair).

My son's fish tank (along with attendant clutter and wirey bits) is next to my chair. You can visit his "Hi Fish!" Blog and make appropriate ooh and aaah noises - it's quite amazing. He also made my nifty little mini table, which I put my cuppa tea on.

Kitchen is right behind me (so I can leap up and rescue forgotten things on the stove, (lie mode) not that I've EVER done that), and twinkly Christmas lights are still hanging from the rafters cos I like em!

Artwork by myself is on the left, and a watercolour painting by my hubby's talented uncle is above my chair.


  1. That looks like a lovely comphy chair to knit in!

  2. Yay, thanks for the photo!

    That looks like a wonderfully comfy chair, and that little table is just adorable. Whatcha knitting now? That light blue yarn looks really snuggly!

  3. It IS a very comfy chair - I love the high arms. Very cosy. And I keep asking my son to make more of those little tables, but I obviously haven't beaten him into submission well enough yet ;)

    The light blue stuff is a cotton top of my own pattern (first time I've designed a piece of knitted clothing by myself). It's a 12 ply cornflower blue shimmery cotton - Home Creative 'Valerie' is the brand. You can see a more close up pic of it here .


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