17 October 2007

Elegant Lap Rug

My Elegant Lap Rug pattern is now online and ready for all to see! This is the throw I designed and made for my brother's wedding (on 1 December, so don't tell him, ok?). A nice quick and easy pattern!

No news on the house yet... waiting for the owner's decision! Thanks for all those crossed fingers and toes, I'm surprised any of you can walk or work at all ;)


  1. Damn. I so hoped you would have heard this afternoon.

    Tomorrow. It will be tomorrow!

    and i LOVE that rug.

  2. Okay so I uncrossed my fingers to knit.....

    I'm with Bells...you'll hear back from the owners very soon and it will be a yes!

  3. The lap rug is soo beautiful! (Hmmm - you say lap rug and I say afghan. You say cossie and I say swimsuit . . .)

  4. that is a fine manly looking pattern and those are hard to find!

  5. Congrats on the lap rug. Now no one can say your brother is wearing a bad rug...

    (Do Aussies use that slang for toupee?)

    Anyway, big news blessings!

  6. I've lost your email address! Mine's kathrynthorne at hotmail dot cohm

    I'm feeling much more relaxed about the while formula thing now that Tilly is so obviously thriving. I've found it incredibly alarming how many people are prepared to be quite presumptuous as to why a woman would bottle instead of breastfeed. Between that and the heroic "it was torture but I made it" attitude, implying why didn't I continue on to achieve the merit badge of torture, I'm generally pretty quiet when I go out as what I choose to do. I went to a parent's group the other day and was relieved that there was one other mother bottle feeding.

  7. I wish they'd hurry up and let you know - my bloody fingers and toes are cramping up


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