16 October 2007

Secret Pal strikes again!

She's at it again, folks! Look what just showed up!

A seriously yummy cookbook of treats from Alaska (where my SP hales from)... and Roxanna's Sanna novel, something I have long wanted to read. Dotter has her eye on this one too :)

The CUTEST stitch markers ever...!!! Tiny pieces of cake and...

... an Aussie menagerie, remarkably accurate! These beauties are by Wee Ones on Etsy. They really are gorgeous, she even does sets of different dog breeds!

These need no explanation, apart to say TRUFFLES. DID share. VERY yummy. ALL gone :(

Halloween time! Some cool tissues, and a box of the most amazingly neat bandaids - Boo! Boo! Bandages - the 4 designs are Scary Skulls, Bewitched Bats, Ghastly Ghosts, and Spooky Spider Webs. I almost wish I was injured so I could use one! (ALMOST, I said, ALMOST - put that knife down!!)

And FIVE bottles of lovely OPI nail polish - the colours are great, I'm wearing one of them now, but check out the colour names (L to R):
Suzi Loves Sydney, Kangarooby, Didgeridoo Your Nails?, Fit for a Queensland, and Canberra't Without You! LOL! I think it's the first time I've ever seen Canberra included in a pun!

Thanks SP, you're the best !! You never fail to delight and surprise :D

In housing news, we've applied for this place today, and it's looking promising... the living areas are bigger than they appear in the photos. Lily is probably OK (although she may be restricted to tiled areas only), the intertown bus stop is practically outside the door, and the bedrooms are a decent size, plus there's a fourth bedroom as an office / studio for ME!

It's not available until mid-November, which means we'd be able to give a full 30 days' notice on this place, and can prepare without a mad panic. Dotter's lovely boyfriend M is moving in with us - paying board to help us cover the much higher rent. He is part of the family already, so it's a good move for all of us. Stay tuned, we should know soon!


  1. What a fabulous Secret Pal! You are one lucky girl!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you re: the house.

  2. It costs $450 per week to rent a house now??? Oh my God, that seems like so much!!! The house looks great though Jejune, I hope you get it - you will love having the extra space over your current accommodation.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those stitch markers. I don't use stitch markers but the Aussie animals are just too cute not to use. You are one lucky lady!!!!

    I'll kepp my fingers crossed about the house. It would be nice not to have that worry any more.

  4. Your SP, whoever he or she is, has marvelous taste in literature! And oh, what a splendid swag of stash she sent. Those OPI nail color names tickled my fancy no end. and the stitch markers - they knock my socks off!(in the nicest metaphorical way.)

  5. WOW! With secret pals like that, who needs old friends?

    (Everybody, but I digress...)

    I'm not a big fan of stitch markers, but those are adorable. And the nail polish shows a great ability to think outside the box.

    Don't you just LOVE creative people?


  6. Hey Denise! I'm so glad you got the box! I have those OPI colors and I was SOO fascinated. They came out right as I arrived back from Oz last year and they still had them around! YAY!!! I hope your Halloween is super scary and fun! (we both know I have a certain distaste for it, but not everyone does)Good luck on the house and I'll try and get an email out to you later today. I have been busy! I GET TO QUIT MY JOB!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

  7. I hope your puzzle book samples arrive before you move. Great gifts! Enjoy!

  8. Fingers, crossed, fingers crossed. although if you don't get it, hopefully something just as good but cheaper will come up. Fortunately it's the season for rentals to come up as the university sharehouses break up for the end of the academic year. My fingers are crossed.

    That is a brilliant swag o' loot from your SP. I'd go in for another swap but I'm kinda blitzed with what I'm doing already! Also, I really want to do ISE5 when it comes about.

  9. Good Lord!! What riches. I adore those stitch markers! Can I borrow Roxie's book when you're done with it?

  10. Fabulous goodies! Although I didnt get the Canberra pun until I said it a few times out loud and remembered not everyone says it "CAN-bear-a". Der me.

    Fingers crossed and thumbs pressed for that house (looks great). And yes, Penny, that is an *average* rent for a house here now - dont even get me started!

  11. What fabulous goodies! Those stitch markers are so cool!! good luck for the house, I've got my fingers crossed for you (well, metaphorically, anyway)

  12. How great - lucky you!!! I hope you get the house - but the rent!!!!!! (Last time I rented (back in the 80's I paid 30 a week!!!) Love the stich markers - what a fabulous SP!

  13. i so hope it works out...everything crossed. and that canberra colour made me laugh out loud!

  14. OMGCB!!$450 a week?? I would have to sell The Labradors for medical experiments. Good luck though, hpe you can move in!! LOvely presents from your SP. I love the little animals and the nail polish names too!!


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