09 October 2007

Red wine and lace

This painting is speeding along, I should have it finished today! I'm having a nice Jejune Day - no packing, only a touch of looking for houses, and plenty of knitting and painting! Good for my sanity.

Here are some progress shots. The curly lace took hours to draw, and then paint - no masking fluid tricks here, just paint and a very fine paintbrush!

To paint the mesh section of the lace tablecloth, I paint the white lace pattern in masking fluid (partly highlighted in red here for you to see)... when the latex is dry, I paint over the whole area with the 'table' colour (ie what you see under the tablecloth), and wait for it to dry.

A soft eraser removes the masking fluid, revealing lovely white lace patterns...

This is where I'm up to as of about an hour ago. I'm really pleased with the wine glass - my first attempt at painting glass. Now, on to some detail touch ups, and the knitting - let's hope I don't stuff it up at this stage!


  1. This one looks great! I love the wine you have in the glass there - I think I'm going to be buying a set of these cards, I love it to bits!

  2. You are so freakin clever! It looks gawwwjus :)

    Glad you're having a good day - sounds like you need it

  3. So pretty! you diva you :)
    so glad you took some time for yourself.. i worry about you overdoing it. dont forget standing offer for a place to hide from family for a few hours...

  4. WOW. Jejeune, that's just beautiful.

  5. oh is that how you do it? Wow. You have been so productive today. Good work!

  6. Thank You. I really enjoy watching your work unfold. It really gives those of us on the other side of art a sense of the effort that goes into creating one of your paintings.

    And if it's at all therapeutic for you...so much the better.

  7. The lace, the glass and the wine looks fabulous! So clever!

  8. Omigawd that's beautiful! The glass is a work of genius. And the lace - bet you just got yourself lost in right-brain bliss while painting the lace. Sooo awesome! I am eager to see what color the knitting will be.

  9. that is fantastic! almost like photo-realism, the way the lace is and you can see it through the wine, such attention to detail, when these are cards i want a whole set!

  10. The wine glass is wonderful!
    I am glad to hear that the Jejune days are continuing. :)


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