29 October 2007

Happy Birthday to my girls!

Yesterday my dear chihuahua Lily turned 12. She had a nice quiet day, mostly sleeping, with some ham as a treat.

However, the day was not over yet. Come 10pm, we noticed that she was breathing very quickly and shallowly, wasn't comfortable lying down, clearly in distress. She has a heart murmur, and we knew this could lead to heart problems. After 2 hours she was no better, and we called the Animal Emergency Centre in Braddon.

So at 12.30am, in the midst of the heavy rain and lightening, Hubby, Son and I took her to the vet (Dotter was staying at Boyfriend's house). After a lengthy wait, while we tried to stay awake, she was finally seen, and had an x-ray - yes, as we'd feared, she has congestive heart failure (Chronic Atrioventricular Valve Disease).

Her heart is enlarged, the valves aren't working well, and fluid is getting into her lungs - she was effectively drowning. They gave her some diuretics, and kept her in overnight. The vets all loved her, said she was remarkably sweet and non-nippy for a chihuahua.

We got home around 3am. After a whole 3.5 hours' sleep, I was back to pick her up, at 7am this morning. Then took to her to her regular vet - she's now on diuretics twice a day, and an ACE inhibitor (Fortekor) once a day, which will reduce her blood pressure and the stress on her heart. We need to count her breathing rate regularly, and keep an eye on things. There is no cure for this, but she can be treated. She may have another few years to live, or only a few months, no way of knowing.

The whole exercise is horrendously expensive, of course - over $600 in the past 12 hours... we've decided against the recommended ultrasound (coming in at an extra $350!), which would just be a 'baseline' to measure her status against... The meds aren't cheap either :/ But you do what you can... she is part of the family after all. All pretty sad.

This is her chillin' out listening to Queens of the Stone Age on Son's iTunes last year - what a cutie!

In happier news, today Lulu, the mad lamb, is 1! She got a cupcake and a new black net skirt... and has been behaving herself of late. Will it last??


  1. Poor Lily - how worrying for you. The girls and I will keep our paws crossed and think happy puppy thoughts.

  2. Happy birthday Lily & Lulu - hope Lily is doing ok, and Lulu is being a good girl, despite the saucy skirt (someone give that sheep a bikini top, stat!)

    Love the Lily chillin' photo!

  3. Oh Lily. oh how dreadful - will continue to send happy vibes your way - just when we thought things were settling down! The pic of lily + ipod is just toooo cute.

    and as for lulu... total tramp! But we love her! Happy biffday lulu!

  4. oh sad news about lily, my thoughts with her, and you. as for lulu, she is heading into her terrible twos, so i suspect things will only get worse there!

  5. Oh my goodness. It's been a dramatic 24 hours hasn't it? The poor little pumpkin. I'm glad she got some ham for her birthday.

    And Lulu! I was reading the post thinking, where's Lulu when you need her? And there she is! Happy birthday precious Lulu!!! That skirt rocks but yeah, what RoseRed said!

  6. That poor girl, I'm glad she is doing much better now. As for Lulu, I wonder how long before she starts again. Happy Birthday to them both.

  7. I'm so sorry about Lily. Good thoughts your way.

  8. Poor little Lily! I hope she is feeling a bit better with the meds. She probably just got over-excited with the birthday celebrations and her ticker couldn't handle it.

    Happy birthday to both Lily and Lulu! And I hope you get more sleep tonight!

  9. Chloe sends Lily lots of puppy love and get well wishes across the ocean. I send little pets and kisses, too. Hope Lily is doing better... we were sorry to hear she was not feeling well.

    What an adorable piccie of Lily wearing the earbuds! She is one cool chi-chi to listen to Queens of The Stone Age via an MP3 player. Not many dogs can do that, lying on her back to boot!

  10. Many Happy Returns to Lily and to Lulu (with an extra big kiss from Pirate Jim - you know how fond he is of that lamb!).

    Lots of love and good thoughts to Lily and you all - hope she's better very soon.

  11. Poor Lily...With 12 years with you and your family, she is worth every cent. As an animal person I know how a pet can become part of the family.

    As for Lulu...was it wise to give her sugar???? I'd be afraid now!

  12. Lily is so lucky to live with you. Good wishes to the dear little girl! Happy birthday to her, too. Isn't 12 rather venerable for a chihuahua?

    As for Lulu, at the age of one year, hasn't she become mutton dressed as lamb? (Love the sexy skirt!)

  13. My goodness - I can't afford to take a week off here - there is wayyy to much going on. Poor Lily! And poor you - so much worry!


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