02 October 2007

Stacie goes REALLY loopy

You may recall that a few weeks back I won a competition on Stacie's Blog...

Look what arrived in the mail today! *faints*

Inside the sweet little drawstring bag - ooooh, beads and watermelon lollies (I've got LOTS now, yum!)

To dye, not drink...
What a cool little device, never seen anything like it!

Hmmm, NOT sharing, I think...
Totally wicked badge (I'm getting quite a collection!) - and amazing card.

Most yummy lip balm - EVER. Mmmmm, coconut...

A WHOLE SKEIN of delicious purpleness...

Best for last - a REAL small project bag by Andrea Baker, in wild paisley,

... and look, a sweet narrow scarf knit by Stacie! LOVE the colours.

THANK YOU STACIE! This international online knitting blogging world keeps astonishing me at every turn :D


  1. Great package - very lucky! Nice to have a distraction from the packing/moving issue too!

  2. What a fantastic prize, lucky you! As I was scrolling down, I kept saying, "oh, thats the best one", "oh thats even better...", "oh no THATs my favourite...". I do love the drip catcher, very funky! Its all great!

  3. It was all so much fun to assemble! I am thrilled you like it, and I have to say, never having gobsmacked someone before, I guess I can wear my new title with pride. ;^)

    I love what you did for Bells, giving her the gift therapy box full of little, wrapped "happies" for bad days, or bad hours, just to bring a little sunshine back into the picture. So just consider that the prize package was like that, just all at once!

    And after all that, I have decided on my sweater pattern, and it's none of the ones I was turned onto by the contest!!! More on that next weekend. Cheers!

  4. im glad some goodness came your way, and the willow painting is lovely. the no pets thing in canberra is so increadibly stupid given the nature of people looking for housing - im not sure about the companion animal act in the ACT but in NSW it is illegal for you to be discriminated against because you own a pet. and for gods sake, its lily!! i do know someone with chis who will take her if need be but lets hope it doesnt come to that. thinking of you.

  5. Stacie rocks. She's very, very generous.

  6. Total strangers are going to come up to you in the street to touch you for good luck. With the pressies you've been getting lately....we should all be so lucky.

    Ever played the loto?????Maybe you should!!!!

  7. Fantasmaglorious!
    (A word, just made up now, meaning so many things wonderful and yummiliscious.)

  8. You are a lucky duck or should I say a really deserving lucky duck!

  9. Oooh, pretty and yummy and generous. Everything good for you, Jejune. :)

  10. I am sending domestic good luck vibes to you today. You Will find a home! You Will find a home!!


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