31 October 2007

300 and counting!

This is my 300th post! Ta dah!

And here is Mariah, all joined up! There are now well over 400 stitches in a row, but the decreases along the shoulders will ease the pain gradually. I'm going to continue the sleeve cable pattern to the neckline, add some darts at the back of the neck, and make other adaptations as suggested in Emily's Blog.

I changed Lulu's birthday skirt into a daring red dress (I know Rose Red will approve of both the colour and the increased coverage ;) - she seems pretty happy with it!


  1. that's looking so great! It's really satisfying to get them all joined up, huh, all those bits?

    And lulu looks stunning!

  2. Oh la la Lulu!

    Good work on Mariah too.

  3. U watch out now, I'm pretty sure Lily's gonna sneak out to paint the town red in that dress tonite.

  4. Lulu's dress is very 'after five'! Congrats on 300 posts and getting Mariah joined up. Hope you're feeling better after the Oh Gee Bummer Frog-fest. And I hope Lily is feeling better too.

  5. Aaaw cute little lamb!

  6. hey congratulations of 300 posts!!

  7. How clever is that skirt-to-dress presto chango? She looks priceless. (How long until Lulu gets her OWN ravelry profile, d'ya think? 'Cause I'm thinking she should wear that dress for her photo!)

  8. Lulu's never looked better!

    The hussy...


  9. I don't know...I'm thinking that dress is cut a little too low and shows a little too much cleavage for a lamb her age.

    Can't wait to see Mariah fully completed.

  10. Oh, I have serious Lulu envy. If only I could wear a fabulous red and black halter neck dress, I too would be as superfantastic as Lulu!!

    Congrats on 300 posts and on the Mariah milestone!

  11. I read Emily's modification instructions - my mind bent. Good luck with this; my admiration knows no bounds!

    Lulu now looks like a pretty ballerina!

    Here's to another 300 posts :)


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