23 October 2007

Writey painty

"Um, can you write our names on the front of all our wedding ceremony booklets? We forgot to print them before making the covers..."

Things I do for my brother... 80 or so covers. All done.

The Christmas painting is nearly nearly done... into the 'fine tuning' stage, where I have to look at it for areas that need work / fixing / more detail / shadows etc. There are more little motifs to go on the saucer, too. Hope to have it up on the Knitting Art shop within a few days!


  1. I'm proud to have inspired you : ) Obviously, you'll have to do a hot cross bun for Easter or a bunch of bitter herbs for Passover. Not sure what would be a typical food stuff for ending Ramadan but in Canberra there's bound to be someone who could tell you : )

    I once did a friend's wedding invitations for her. I don't think my hand unkinked for a month!

  2. Oh you are a good sister - all those invitations...(did you "accidentally" spell the names wrong on any of them??)

  3. It's what happens to you Rennaissance women. ;) Just as well you love him, really.

    Looking forward to the new card.

  4. You're a good egg, Jejune!

    And your Christmas painting is making me hungry for Mum's mince pies!

  5. your latest painting is gorgeous!!
    I love the cup and saucer =)
    btw, I got your email last week but my hotmail is playing up so i couldn't reply - just wanted to say hurrah! =)

  6. What would they have done without you? We do want wedding pictures. Gown (bride and bridesmaids), flowers, what you wear, anything else that strikes your fancy.

    The painting is so warm and festive! but being the childlike person I am, I want some glitter, too. Christmas should glitter at least a little, don't you think?

  7. I made the invites for my brother's wedding a couple of years ago. They both wanted something so plain and dull that it offened my artistic nature.....but as you say...I love my brother.

  8. All I can say is that the food at the reception better be good - and the wine!! Good on you for stepping up ;)

  9. Good Lord. Talk about a big ask! Like everyone else says, good on you for being so good as to do it. Don't let them put too much more on you thought, ok?

    Looove the painting. Very festive.

  10. I hope you didn't do it on "your" day. They are pretty, simple and perfect. I did invitations for someone once and promised myself that I would never do it again. Yes, I have lovely handwriting but that doesn't mean I WANT to write 200 names and addresses.

  11. Oh, but they look wonderful! You're a good sister. And the card - gorgeous!


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