10 October 2007

Shiraz Socks

All done!

The Regia Mosaik almost brought me undone - very hard to paint multi-coloured knitting and not have it go all muddy. There's also not a lot of contrast between the needles and the lace... still, I'm very happy with how this turned out. As ever, it is now available on my CafePress Knitting Art store.

I will be printing a new batch of cards when I can afford it and have a new set of 4 paintings - probably in the new year. The USA to AUD exchange rate is really good at the moment, so any Aussies who'd like this card (or the Blue Willow design) might like to consider my CafePress shop - which also has my artwork on journals, notecards, magnets, t-shirts, posters, bags, mouse pads, and a whole lot more :)


  1. Wow - I looked away for a second and you're done! Clearly Jejune-day is working its magic.

    Really lovely Jejune; you capture such beautiful detail in your work. Hmmm, aussie $ is good right now, isnt it....

  2. Knitting AND wine - now that is really up my alley! What a neat set of posts... it's fun to see it come together!

    Sorry to hear the house-hunting remains a pain; hope you find something great soon!

  3. so pretty! you really have a gift.

  4. You sure work your magic in both the real knitted thing AND the painted version. Shazzam!

  5. That is gorgeous! Utterly gorgeous! You go from glory to glory.

    Got my prize package yesterday. Thank you!!Love it all!!

  6. You really captured the wine perfectly. I am envious of your gift. The tablecloth is amazing. I can't imagine the concentration that took.

  7. Just lovely - I must get organised and buy your cards for christmas - hey! of course knittings about christmas - what do you think Mary did while she waited to have a baby - crochet???!!!!

  8. You are such a talented lady! Absolutely beautiful - that lace tablecloth and the glass! Divine!

  9. So have you considered and Christmas themed knitting card? I'd totally buy heaps of those : )

    I love the needles shadows on the cloth. As always, the detail in teh painting is astonishing.


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