31 March 2008

Baggy Bag

This is a kinda fun meme - OK, what's in my handbag (well, it's a little leather backpack, really) ?

• black leather Valenti purse
• Nokia phone, a cool one which has GPS, calendar, 2 megapixel camera, and everything (I'm a bit of a techno-junkie!)
• lots of keys, including my tiny sock moose, ALDI trolley coin, PayPal digital security code thingie, and video shop membership tag
• a change of address form that I keep forgetting to submit to Australia Post
• 2 folded plastic bags, for those times I forget a 'Green Bag'
• fit-over sunglasses - daggy, but they're the cheapest option when you wear glasses
• a cute pill box from my London sister
• pain killers
• a few old shopping lists
• a cryptic crossword, just in case I get stuck somewhere boring
• a Pacer pencil and Uniball pen (purple, my favourite)
• a bus timetable for our local bus
• Extra sugarfree mints
• ChapStick and Revlon 'Super Lustrous' lip gloss
• 'hypo kit' for my daughter - jellybeans and a muesli bar, in case her blood sugar goes dangerously low when we're out

That's all - a fairly lean collection, in fact. There's no room for any knitting in this little bag - that accompanies me in a bigger knitting bag!

The Row Counter Bracelet tutorial is proving surprisingly popular - it's been picked up by a Spanish craft blog, Lime & Violet, Knit.1's blog, a Fitness blog of all things (as a way of counting Weight Watcher points), and lots of personal blogs.. it's all rather amazing!

And last night I cast on a new project! Stefanie Japel's Minisweater (aka Boobholder) which I've had my eye on for years now. I think it could work well for bellydancing class. I'm trying it out in the very thick cornflower blue cotton which I've had for ages, and have been trying to (unsuccessfully) turn into a singlet top. Stay tuned for pics!


  1. That's cool that the fitness blog picked up your tutorial! : ) Of course there's a crossword puzzle in your handbag!

    My handbag is even sparser - two wallets glasses and sunglasses case, maybe tissues and lip gloss.


  2. Love the boobholder. Perfect for bellydance class! Add some spangles or dangling coins?

    That's a bare-minimum purse. I'm impressed!

  3. I think I'm afraid to let everyone see what's in my purse. It looks like I am compulsive! I need to be prepared for anything. I love the boobholder. It'll be perfect for belly dancing!

  4. The internet is such a cool place. The fitness site picking it up is great.
    I carry too much in my bag. I might do this. It would be a good way to clean out and also time to change for the spring.


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