26 March 2008

Row Counter with Knitting

I've had a few requests for instructions on how to make a simple row counter bracelet, so today I finally did the 'photo shoot' (Work with me, baby!), wrote the instructions, and put it all together on my web site. They're basically a little abacus for your wrist, and great for knitters and crocheters!

I'm making good progress on the Meida Socks - this is the first one ... I went down a needle size (from 2.25 to 2mm) and I'm hoping the fit isn't a bit *too* firm.... hmm. The heel turning is quite unusual, and I really liked it... a whole bunch of Estonian techniques to learn on this sock!

While knitting this sock I've discovered (probably last in the world to figure this one out) that another advantage of Magic Loop socks is you can try them on as you knit, even top down socks!

And my Ice Queen is nearly done! I'm into the Picot Casting Off Rows with Beads that Shall Never End 0_o Photos soon!

ETA : the toe of the sock isn't finished yet - what you can see is the KnitPicks 2mm short circular needle (2 silver needles & purple cord), and a stitch marker (beads) that mark the start of the round.


  1. oh those socks are going to be gaw-jus - seriously droolable colour and a clever pattern. mmmmmmm
    almost good enough to eat.

  2. love the color of the sock. I use a beaded row counter that I put on the first needle two stitches in. The socks I'm doing now has 5 row repeat for the pattern and 12 rows between the pattern. Using this counter makes it easy for me who has ADD, at least when it comes to knitting, so when I put them down I always know where to pick up from. Did not post last night. Walked into an ant invasion!

  3. Those are very interesting socks! Love the color.

    What's going on at the toe end there?

  4. The tutorial is EXCELLENT! Thanks for sharing that.

  5. What a fantastic tutorial on the row counter bracelet. Thanks!

  6. Excellent row counter bracelet! And love the socks - the colour is fab.

  7. I love that pattern and have it in mind for some yarn I already have. It looks great in purple. I love socks that teach me new skills. I just finished my first toe up sock. Not sure how much I like it but now I can at least make a decision based on experience.

  8. you've been spotted - the knit1 mag blog has linked to your row counter braclet tute.

    checksee it out at http://www.knit1mag.com/blog

    congrats :)


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