21 March 2008


The deed is done! It's very dark purple, a bit hard to see, but good in sunlight!

Hubby did the hairdressing for me ...

I love this pic... all arty like.
Waiting for the dye to do its job...

Looks good in the light!

The final result, which should last for a few weeks...

If you'd like to sponsor me, for the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave (and Dye), there's still time.... just go to my page for credit card donations (and the site is no longer tied in knots, unlike last week). I can also accept BPay payments (Biller Code 939488 Reference 20399796).

Thank you everyone!! It's been fun - and has helped raise funds for a very worthy cause.


  1. love the purple. I bet the most comments you will get while out and about are from pre-teens & younger. When I add my color streak, I hear kids say, look mom, that's cool, or they come up to me and say I like that. Parents and older do not have the nerve to say anything out loud. Oh, the kids that work the checkout lanes always say something.

  2. You rock the purple hair beautifully! And I love the top from the TS-14 shot. We have a shop here called Torrid that I would have never gone into but my girls urged me and I love the youngness of the clothes. I don't want to look like a teenager but I don't want to look like a dowager either. This getting older stuff is interesting! And peeps are Easter staples around here. What's a bilby?

  3. Looks great! I've sent you $20 via bpay, sorry it took me so long.

    I'm now fluorescent magenta on top, purple underneath, will post photos on my blog soon as I find the camera cable. I bleached first so its really vivid:)


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