17 March 2008

Purple Earth Hour

The votes are in, and PURPLE HAIR is the clear winner for my WGS Dye Job this Saturday! Thank you to those who voted, and even bigger thanks to those who have already made donations!!

I have the semi-permanent dye (Rusk Scream - Purple Burst) ready to roll! George my little serious cheetah cub is looking after it for me (WELL out of Lulu's reach!!).

The next question is whether I should bleach my (very fine thin) hair first... advice, ladies? Keep in mind that I want to dye my hair with a permanent very dark brown after the purple has washed out (ie in a few weeks).

You can still make donations to the World's Greatest Shave online, or via BPay, cash or cheque (e-mail me for details).

The Leukaemia Foundation web site has been pretty overloaded and crashy in recent times, but it is worth trying again if the online credit card donation page has defeated you before.

The amazingly good news is that my uncle's latest bone marrow biopsy shows that he in remission (astonishing all his doctors, as it is one of the most deadly and rare forms of leukaemia); he's now into his second lot of chemo to 'mop up', and he may even be able to go home before too much longer! I suspect he's also going to be featuring in medical papers!


And another worthwhile thing, that is free (and I'll stop bombarding you with worthwhile causes after this, promise) - you can sign up to Earth Hour!

It simply means turning your lights off at home or work for one hour, but we all do it at the same time..cool huh? Saturday 29 March is the day, 8-9 pm is the time (for EST Australia anyway). This is something that started in Sydney last year (we participated as well), and is now going global. Spread the word!

Hmmm, their site is running very slowly at the moment, it's probably overloaded ... maybe wait for a bit! If you're in the US, use the American site.

PS George was named about 4 years before I met Our George, so there's no connection. Really there isn't... honest!


  1. Bleach will make it take the colour better, but won't be very good for your hair - so I'd probably say best not to...

    Great news re your uncle, that is so good!

    And happy anniversary for Saturday!!

  2. Sorry, I have no idea about the bleach question. But that is fantastic news about your uncle!

  3. How about trying a stip of purple first without bleaching. I agree with red rose that bleaching may not be good for your hair. Do you need to do all over purple? I have sported purple, pink & blue streak, not all at the same time, but since my hair is white and have no pigment I have to have a glaze added to hold the color. Can you check with your Stylist first?
    That is good news about you Uncle.
    I received a packet in the mail about Earth Hour. Plan on doing it.

  4. yay - fabulous news about your uncle!!!! =)
    I'd try skipping the bleach first too - do a test like ksee said =)

  5. You promised to dye your hair purple,, right? You didn't promise to achieve purple hair. I'd say, don't bleach. A purple cast to brown hair should be quite startling enough. And yayyy for your uncle!! About time you got some good news!

  6. Just catching up now...
    Yes, bleach first.
    Have you ever bleached your hair before?
    Oh, it won't hurt to do it once. And the cool thing is your purple will really be VIBRANT that way. If you bleach once, then dye dark, you'll be cutting that hair off after a few months anyway.
    Go for the gusto!
    If you gonna do it, do it right.

    Cool tam!

    Great package of goodies from your not-so-secret pal. WOW!

    Love you belly dancing gear, too.

  7. Glad to hear good news about your uncle, too.

  8. I'm in the don't bleach camp. In my experience, it'll do more harm than good. Knowing you have fairly thin hair, I think it will be incredibly harsh. Also, your hair isn't very dark anyway so the purple will go just fine. If you had dark brown hair, then maybe, but not in this instance. And because it's a semi, it'll start to wash out fairly quickly and then you can overdye it with a nice dark brown very easily.

    I speak with years of hair dye experience!!!!

    Fabulous news about your uncle.

  9. I'm glad for your uncle. And thanks so much for the link to Earth hour. I've posted info and the link on my blog and I'm going to spread the word tomorrow at work. What a good cause! And be careful with the bleach. It depends on which purple you are looking for but the bleach will definitely weaken your hair (I've been dying my hair for 17 years and I've had to cut it because of chemical damage). Just do the purple on top of your current color or let a stylist use a light stripper on it.

  10. great news about your uncle! i am late to this conversation, but i once bleached my hair to get it bright red and i am very dark. i finally got it to a dirty blonde and then the red came up brilliant but my hair suffered for a long time. i was young and silly tho. with all these groovy new colours you shouldnt need to bleach. the bleach is VERY permanent and if you then put another colour over the top like the brown, you could end up with something rather green. a lot of semi permanents do not go well over bleach. i agree, purple tones are all that is required! pictures please!!

  11. The new avatar is darling! Jingle hips, baby!


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