27 March 2008

Swiftly now!

Just had to share this one - how to make your own yarn swift.... and there's more related projects in the side bar too (on the Instructables site, not here), such as how to make portable yarn containers... Oh dear, this is a very addictive web site!

The Row Counter Bracelet seems to have struck a chord - my tutorial has been listed on BoingBoing and Craftzine! How totally cool is that???!!! Thank you QuiltingMick for submitting it - very very kind :)


  1. You are SO clever! Love it!

  2. One of my hobbies is submitting Very Clever Ideas to Craftzine ;-)

  3. That is quite possibly the best tutorial for beading and how to use an abacus that I've ever come across! Thanks so much - I've always wanted to know how to use an abacus.

  4. Fabulous tutorial! and so great to meet you (glad you love the shop and I enjoy enabling - it's definitely my favourite place for clothes since I discovered it last year - and I'm not a great clothes buyer either - if you can't get it at Target.....) Thank you for your navigation - hope to catch up again!

  5. Jejune - You have made http://limenviolet.com/blog/!!


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