09 March 2008

Tammy Lulu Mess

Yesterday we had a nice little Stitch'n Bitch at Coffee Guru in Tugggeranong... but look who snuck into my bag!

Lulu got into trouble, of course, trying to unravel Jenn's lovely crocheted top... or maybe she was trying to have a go? It's very hard to tell with this naughty lamb!

She wanted to steal my tea, too...

Since moving house at the end of November we have kinda dropped the 'dealing with the garage ' ball, for many reasons. This weekend I've been getting stuck into it again. Slow work. I got about 10% done yesterday ... the photo shows about a quarter of the mess... lots of boxes to sort through, organise, declutter, and so on. Man, why do we have so much STUFF?! Argh.

In nicer knitting news, I am making good speedy progress on the Tam, it should be finished in a day or so. I am really enjoying the colours and pattern, and the Smoothie DK is standing up well -I really like it. I'm about to start a new painting, featuring this project :)


  1. Naughty Lulu! Good thing you keep her under close watch. I love the tam. Great colorwork. You'll be needing it soon! While we here in the states will be basking in spring breezes and sunshine. I've just put away my scarves until fall comes.

  2. Oh that Lulu. The tam is great. Love those colors. Oh, and I have a room like your garage. Still have not out things up and back in place after a renovation.

  3. Pretty pretty Tam - Lulu is so naughty - but maybe she just wants to crochet?

  4. I do love Lulu! Maybe because she puts me in touch with my inner lamb? What a darling scamp she is!

    And the tam is turning out splendidly! What a wonderful painting this will make!

  5. I love seeing Lulu get out and about! Up to her usual tricks I see!

    Great knitting Jejune! Looks fabulous.

  6. Hey jejune, great work with the photo's - you have quite the touch. Love dipping in and seeing what the wonderful lulu is up to and she never disappoints. Loved the tam pattern and having just renovated the kitchen and moved everything around in the house I totally sympathise with the giant garage task.

  7. I love the tam and can't wait to see the painting!

    As for Lulu, it's nice that you live in an area that doesn't mind sheep being out and about (as long as they're not baaaad, of course)!

  8. Good grief. Your fortitude in the face of all those boxes is astonishing! I hope the agony is dissipated by that truely lovely knitting : )

    Nice work on the photo. You great great grandmother looks v. young; it's wonderful to think of all that she would achieve during the years ahead of her when looking at that photo.


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