13 March 2008


I have been very remiss - TWO lovely surprise boxes of treats have arrived for me in the past two weeks, and I need to share the joy!

Firstly this arrived from my no-longer-Secret Pal, Abbeykins. This collage looks better close up (click on the pic).... but there are (take a deep breath) :

Crime Scene bandaids (nearly worth being injured...); a Socks That Rock emergency sock yarn key chain; a whole collection of delicious soaps (no, it's OK, I'm not really going to eat them... well, maybe just a little nibble...); cute as anything Christmas-themed Post-It notes; a mini sock-moose keyring (it works great - easy to find in my messy handbag!); great Grizzly 'bear claw' salad servers; Blueberry Jam which I'm Not Sharing; a Double Musky Inn cookbook (yummmmy!); some beautiful note cards and writing paper and a brilliant 'Knitting' tin bank.

The Blue Q tin bank is hilarious. The man is saying "Is wool your dirty little secret,too?" - and the top reads "Put money here for wool fix". On the side a 1950s woman with needles in hand is on the phone, saying "I need a half a gram of wool and quick! I'm starting to come down..." LOL :)

So thank you Abbey - it was a great surprise, and a wonderfully thoughtful selection, as ever xxoo

Note to self : the coin bank is designed for American coins. $1 coins will go in AND come out. 20¢ pieces will go in and NOT come out. Moral of the story? You can figure it out... ;)

Then a few days ago a mysterious box arrived from Roxie! Lookit! Sparkly shiny dancey yarny goodness!

What an amazing surprise, and your belly dancing goodies will have a new life over here in Australia. Thank you!!

If you'd like to have a go at repairing your own photos (like I did below) all you need is a scanner and a copy of Photoshop or PaintShop Pro (it doesn't have to be the high-end professional version - all versions of Photoshop have the basic tools for doing this sort of work) - do a Google search for 'How to repair photos Photoshop' (or something similar) - this is just one of many!

And last but not least (from I Has A Hot Dog) :

funny dog pictures
see more loldogs are funny dog pictures!


  1. So many pretties! ching ching!

  2. somebody is spoiled! Deservedly so, though.

  3. Wooow awesome buddy...Thanks for sharing..

  4. Love the doggie LOL. So glad you got the shimmy-chings. Have fun, fun.

  5. That is quite the haul! And I love to dog picture. Sounds like you're having a great day!

  6. Lucky you! Sagat are fun! Repeat after me dum dum tek ka tek dum tek ka tek...


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