20 March 2008

Peeping at fashion

Look - my first lace socks! These are the Meida's Sock pattern from IK's Favourite Socks book, and made with Patonyle which my Dotter dyed for me... it's a bit hard to see the pattern - there's a cool Estonian cable, and then various lacy bits.

KSee and I arranged a little Easter swap, seeing as I didn't know what Peeps were, and she didn't know about the Easter Bilby! Look what turned up - a little bit more than the small box of Peeps I was expecting!! Lulu quickly claimed it for herself, of course.

The extra goodies were a lovely surprise - 2 balls of Patons Classic Wool, excellent for felting; more chocolates (mostly mint choc, my favourite!), some very silly bunny ears, and a host of KSee's favourite sock patterns, and some knitting mags! Thank you KSee - what a treat!

This little sweetie was also in the box, and very ready to be out of its confines.... Lulu was very taken with her. She may be called Precious, and she may be Lulu's good conscience in lamby form - what do you think her chances are?!

After a very pleasant impromptu lunch with Tinkingbell, Bells, George and QuiltingMick at LOUI's in Civic on Tuesday, Tinkingbell and I went for a small shopping spree - she needed a local to help her find places in the Canberra Centre. But she led me astray! She seems to be unrepentant about being an enabler.. ah well, we've all been there, haven't we?

The source of my downfall? TS 14+. Why have I never seen this shop before? Why?! Why??!!

Well, I do know why, really, all angst apart. I rarely shop for new clothes, never at the 'fashionista shops', and practically never go to the Canberra Centre... but OMFG - this is the first fashion shop I've ever been to - in my whole life - where I want to save up to buy more of their gorgeous things!

Don't you just love the hem details....

And the fabric - covered with dictionary definitions, strangely appropriate ;)

One of the assistants told me how they get women in angrily demanding to have these designs made in SMALLER sizes - why can't they get them in Size 10?!

Bwah ah aha ha haaaa - excuse me while I laugh the evil satisfied laughter of the larger curvaceous woman who has never had cool fashion to wear, and can now lord it over the thinner population, just for a little while anyway!

I refuse to slide into middle age wearing boring plan stuff and getting more dowdy with every passing year... and TS14+ will save me. They have pants with skirts, people - like my cool sister in London wears!! Bliss!


  1. Oh your top is perfect for you!! Fabulous.

    And what a great package. Yummy goodies. Will Lulu be trusted around them? I love her new friend. :-)

  2. I love your new socks.
    I had fun putting together your Easter package. Reading way back on your posts I saw that you were magazine deprived so I sent you some I did not think you have seen, plus I think you were wanting that issue of IW Knits from 2006. I think that when you color your hair you have to pose with the bunny ears. lol.
    Then, OMFG, is right. I LOVE those fashions. I looked at their size chart and I think they are using sizes that I am used to but mesurements are in metric. So I am going to see what I measure and just might have to get something from them. Also, have to do research on skants and aprons on how it translate to what we call it here is the USA.

  3. what a box of goodies!!!
    Its funny you mention Ts, because last week when we had dinner I could have sworn the your top was from there!!!
    TS in the Canberra centre was my first full time job after uni! =)
    The girls are lovely and the clothes are gorgeous - a staff discount used to come in VERY helpful =D

  4. Wearing boring plain stuff and getting more dowdy every year - with purple hair? I don't think so. Love the socks, Hope you got the yellow chick peeps - the originals. And I see you also have Girl Scout cookies, Yum-o! Lulu is going to corrupt that Precious lamby. and what's this new attire Lulu is wearing? Something red and string-tied?

  5. Enjoy being very cool in your new top and may you find lots of great fashions there in the future. Who wants to be dowdy?

    Very nice dye job on the sock yarn.

    I must send you a funny Peep show Easter email, now that you have met our PEEPS.

  6. There is only one thing worse than mutton dressed as lamb, and that is mutton dressed as mutton.

    You go for it!

  7. OMG - and I missed this last weekend?!? Serves me right for not checking in with you guys first. Acually, the whole weekend was about Tilly's necessary furniture so I wouldn't have been able to indulge but I will certainly remember for next time!

    And I totally agree with Roxie and SallyO

  8. OK, that is THE coolest top. And the socks are awesome too! Some Peeps connoisseurs here (I am not one, I have to confess) enjoy them stale - you crack open the cellophane and leave them a few days to dry out. (Just making sure you get the "full Peep experience." Ya know.)

  9. Only recently discovered it myself and I LOVE it! Have already bought about four things from there. Definitely my kind of style. Apparently they have been around for 25 years, but obviously too quietly.

  10. I know!! So hard to get nice clothes. At least the fashion for bared midriffs seems to have gone away!! What a lovely package of Peeps!! Have you seen the Peep dioramas???


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