01 March 2007

Champagne socks

Last weekend I visited my friends, and their baby was finally big enough to wear the singlet I made for him! Sooo cute (especially when he's asleep ;)

We then had a Belconnen Stitch'n Bitch, to celebrate the visit of Ginger_Nut and her sister-in-law from Sydney. The Lighthouse was a reasonable location, although the drunken idiot at the next table was a complete dickhead not a bonus. Lulu came along... first of all she threw all good manners to the wind by drinking Bells' champagne through a STRAW (oh, the shame!).
And then she had a go at knitting Bells' latest pink socks, when they had been left unattended... I hope you didn't have to unravel a lot, Bells!

Frightfully busy being a single mum this week, working, finishing a wedding present (I'll share photos after the event), preparing to travel to Merimbula on Saturday and going to my brother's wedding on Sunday, and being sick with a virus. Please excuse my non-appearance on your Blogs... should have time next week :)


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos Jejune!! Naughty Lulu! Cute baby!!!

  2. What a gorgeous little singlet! It could be a vest, too, if needed. I guess this means I have to take back all the rude things I've been saying about yellow and green on newborn babies. I am usually of the opinion that it just makes them look even more jaundiced but this yellow looks lovely. I'm intrigued with the cotton top, too!


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