27 August 2007

Ciao bella

Why the Italian, you ask? Why?! Cos there's a new free Italian Foods find-a-word which you can download from my web site! Go on, you know you want to :D

I've nearly finished my mum's shedding annoying vest - see, up to doing the neck band! Armbands, and then it's all over... I even did Kitchener stitch to graft the shoulders together seamlessly - so the whole vest is seamless! Dotter keeps saying it looks really big (shutupshutupshutup)... when I block it I'll stretch it down (as Miss Spidey sensibly suggested), to increase the length and decrease the width a bit. Well, Mum wanted something that would keep her hips warm when working in the garden. This had better do the job - or else!

Here's a little treasure I found at our local Salvos shop for a whole $5 - don't know if this flyer will fit Dotter's spinning wheels - doesn't look like it will work on her Ashford travelling wheel. I haven't braved the cobwebs under the house to check her other Ashford wheel yet. Any clues as to brand / model it's from?

In Jejune Alone Day news, Hubby is supporting me 100% on having a regular day off, and he and the kids will be making Tuesday night dinners. I agree with MadMad that it's pretty crap I have to work harder to fit everything into 6 days so I can have 1 day off... still, can't be helped at this stage anyway. Thank you everyone for all your very encouraging comments - it's clear this is something that I have to do - and many of you could use as well!

Tomorrow I'm off to the Carers ACT Singing Group, and meeting up with Taph at Craft ACT - will be good to see her after such a long absence. I'll also be taking custody of Lulu again - sigh - I have my doubts that she's learnt any lessons in moderation or good behaviour over the past 6 weeks, and has only succeed in corrupting Barb ;)

Finally, if you want to see how some of my CafePress stuff looks for real, you can check out Stacie's Blog!

PS My Nereid Glove pattern is nearly ready for you all! A Nereid is one of the sea nymphs from Greek mythology - I wanted a new name apart from Mermaid Gloves, seeing as that was someone else's name...


  1. Vest is looking fine - it needs to be a bit room to fit layers underneath. Also, fluffy yarn looks bigger. It does!

  2. The vest looks great, and I agree, roomier is better than too squishy for something underneath.

    Enjoy your Alone Day - sing, knit, paint, rest....

  3. There's someone called Mermaid Gloves?! Cool. She can name her kids Gardening and Dishwashing. But I bet her gloves still won't be as neat as yours.

    Happy Tuesday "off" to you - hope it goes well, and is really, truly, off!

  4. Enjoy your day off - love the vest - believe me - there is no such thing as knitting which is too roomy - only desserts which haven't been eaten yet!

  5. Ah... a day off definitely sounds like a great idea! Hope you thoroughly enjoy it, and don't end up working too hard in between to compensate!
    The vest looks great :)

  6. urm, it looks very Ashfordish to me... try it out, ya never know. :)


  7. I'm sure that you'll be glad to finally get the vest off your hands. And I'm sure that your mom will love it.

    Happy Tuesday I really hope that you enjoyed it.


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