06 August 2007

Funny Puppy

As requested, here is a pic of poor Lily swimming in the bath (held up by my son). Her leg is dark cos of skin pigmentation - it's not bruising (any more). If you have fast broadband and want a bit of a laugh, you can also download a movie of her swimming! The file is 11.5 Mb, so be prepared for a bit of a wait :)

Miss Spidey and I had a secret meeting yesterday (yeah, so secret I'm telling you about it, LOL) to plan our Knitting First Aid class, which is on next weekend! We're both knitting swatches to demonstrate common errors - finally, a chance to stuff up and NOT fix it ;) I think the class is going to be great fun - hope to see some of you there! Contact Craft ACT to book if you want to come along.

Over the past few days I've been knitting this little hand towel for the kitchen, using the lovely American cotton that Donna sent me - I had some dark blue cotton in the same weight which helped this go further. The pattern is an adaptation of the Bells' Hand Towel by BrownPants. I probably could have made it a bit wider and longer, but meh, it works, and it's a good size for drying hands. I've hung it on the oven door.

Finally - my favourite flower is in bloom - Daphne! I have a large bush that grows in a tub, and is looking and smelling just divine. I have a little vase of the flowers on my desk, too. It reminds me that spring is not too far away now :)


  1. mmm I LOVE the smell of daphne!! I'm well and truly ready for spring, so it's nice to hear that some spring things are starting to bloom!! Our first jonquil came out the other day too.

    The hand towel looks lovely!! Nice rich colours.

  2. I love daphne - one of my favourite flowers - you are very lucky to be able to grow it so beautifully - I've found it a very fussy plant!!

    Your hand towel looks great!

  3. Oh it looks like my daphne. So lovely isn't it? It makes me happy.

    And look at the little thing - poor Lily!

    I find my handtowel very useful and have been thinking I need another one. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Good to see the knitting first aid course is in such excellent preparation mode! fixing knitting should be a spring timew activity to go with the beautiful daphne - mine is almost out now too.

  5. Cute piccie of Lily doing her water aerobics. Glad to see she's coming along so well. Adorable towel and have fun "stuffing" up knitting projects for the upcoming first aid class. Thanks for sharing the flower photos ... if only the web could deliver smells, like neet refers to - wouldn't that be great?

  6. Thanks for the link to the hand towel, that will be useful as I knit for my kitchen!

  7. I love daphne too, never had much joy growing it. the hand towel is great, much more stylish than my daggy half-teatowls with cr***ted tops that my MIL made for me!

    Very glad to see Lily is making progress.

  8. Okay now I'm curious....gotta go find me a Daphne.
    Nice to see the Lily is on the mend and keeping up with her physiotherapy.

  9. I love getting the letters beacuse on the way to the letter box is my Daphne!! The scent is always a happy surprise!! What a good workout for Lily!! Poor baby!!
    The Handtowel is excellent, I love the stripes!!!

  10. Your handtowel is very cute! I love Daphne, but it just doesn't grow here :(

  11. Dh gave me a daphne bush for my birthday years ago and we planted it by the front door. When the weatherman predicts frost, I run out and throw a sheet over it for the night. It has grown into quite a large bush now and is shoving the azalea aside, and I am in glory all the month of February when it blooms. How wondermous to think of daphne blooming in Oz in August!


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