31 August 2007

She's baaaaack

Only a few hours in the house, and Lulu's already unravelled my latest project! She told me she was 'kuh-nitting'.

Many thanks to Barb for supervising this naughty young lamb for the past 6 weeks, I know it was a tough call. I'm afraid the bottle of wine she came home with had already been drunk - sigh - I don't think the community service sentence has dented her spirits one little bit.

In rather cool news, my Nereid Gloves pattern is up on Knitting Pattern Central!


  1. Yay! Your pattern looks fab.

    Oh, Lulu. What can I say. I'm just glad my mum's necklace came back safe and sound.

    Did you see the current (now out for ages) Spin-Off magazine with a reader's gallery of Latvian sock puppets? It was a little dizzying, knowing what we know of Lulu. (I browsed it in Borders).

  2. WOW! Congratulations! That is fantastic about your pattern.

    What a bad sheepie Lulu is!! But oh so cute. :)

  3. Welcome home Lulu. Now try and be a good girl, ok? Just give it a go....

  4. Hmmm, hope you've got contingency plans for Lulu on JejuneTuesday, or else you might not get much relaxing done!

  5. Congratulations on the pattern Jejune - it's lovely!

    As for Lulu ... all I can say is GOOD LUCK!

  6. Well with Lulu being back...if youe didn't need Jejune Tuesdays...you will now!!

    Congrats on the pattern!!!!

  7. I don't know - Lulu might be the perfect buddy for Jejune tuesdays. She would enjoy the choir immensely (and they might enjoy her)and I'm sure she would like to try watercolors. Of course, she might wind up as a rather splotchy and tinted young lamb...

  8. Perhaps Lulu needs to learn to knit. That might keep her busy and out of mischief on Jejune Tuesdays. Or what would you get up to if you let Lulu choose what you'd do? Could be wild.

    Congratulations on the pattern. It's lovely, and I can see a pair in my daughter's next birthday package (or perhaps my Christmas Swap buddy's package).

    Take care


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