16 August 2007

Special Speedy Secret Pal!

Not a great morning. The damn dog woke me at 6.30am to be let out. Hubby is snoring so much that even Call of the Ocean (wave sounds) on my iPod doesn't drown it out. And for joy, I have a headache. Bother. Grumble grumble. Get up, shower, have tea and pain killers. Do some e-mail, read some blogs, think about maybe doing some actual work... Disappointing phone call with Centrelink...

Hark! A knock on the door - not expecting anyone... it's the Postie, with a box from - OMG - my Secret Pal 'Molly' !! I don't believe it!! *faints* Secret Pal 11 only officially started YESTERDAY!

But no - it's all for real.... I'm just about in tears...

My first ever sock book - and a choice one at that! And a magazine I haven't seen before!

The sweetest little candles AND a glass holder. Cinnamon, Vera Cruz Vanilla, and Sage & Citrus. Divine!

Watermelon lollies are part of any healthy breakfast. And as for the chocolate - *swoon*. Don't think I'm sharing. I can make things like this last for ages, too!

And last but totally NOT least - 2 balls of actual real Mission Falls 1824 wool. You know. The stuff we see in ads in American magazines, and don't ever buy... Perfect colour, and SO soft.

I am bowled over, my day has definitely improved out of all sight!

I hope that 'Molly' has as wonderful as Secret Pal as she is to me. Let the fun begin!


  1. WOW! I am shocked too! I knew you got something but I didnt think it was a full-blown cool package-package. Your spoiler is AWESOME!

  2. What a fabulous, special package. A very on-the-ball Secret Pal, I must say! Actaul, real, Mission Falls...*drool* gorgeous colour.

    Lucky you. I bet you'll have a smile on your face for the rest of the day ;-) Hope that headache subsides and youre feeling better soon.

  3. Good God. You got THAT book? Swoon.

    People are so freaking generous!

    Did that not BLOW the headache away?

  4. O.M.G! you are one lucky ducky!!
    Am jealous, much!!

  5. Goodness - what a perfectly brilliant antidote. A definite Serendipity Day. Luverly yarn!!!

    S*x would be lovely way to speed things along if it wasn't so damn uncomfortable now. I think I'll go to the Wagga zoo and see if any of the rescued kangaroos scare the Squid instead ;)

  6. how freaking awesome!
    she must have gone shopping the second you put up your questionnaire.
    all of a sudden i feel pressure to get my first parcel out. :)
    i'm making something though so it will take me a little while.

  7. What a great present - and such good timing - perfect!

  8. What a lovely fillip to your day!! How very exciting!! Thanks for ypour kind comment about Fifi!! Hope Lil(l)y is doing very well!!!

  9. Happy Un-Birthday to you......talk about gift therapy.....you can't do much better than that....I wish that I could start my day like that, minus the headache....

  10. Chocolate is good headache therapy, you know.

  11. What a fun package! And it sounds like a timely one. Thanks for sharing the good cheer! Hope your headache went away soon after, too!


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