07 August 2007

Lulu loose

Look out, Lulu's got out again! She and Trudy Bunny have got into Barb's knitting.... AND she and BB have been caught out trying to effect a jail break!

If you want to come to the Knitting First Aid class please sign up quick like a bunny. Enrolments close on Thursday afternoon.


  1. Oh no! A feel trouble is afoot!

    I wish I knitted just so I could come and do your class!

  2. Hiya guys! I am finally up and running! I just loved the doggy vid. Better swimmer than me ha ha! I will see you at the next Tuesday dinner hopefully :)

  3. I love that Lulu has a partner in crime! I'd love to do your class - do you offer bus service? :)

  4. Just now catching up on your blog. Love the painting; love the capelet; love the capelet model (no dummy, not Al, YOU!) Love the dotter and the little dog too (you know that sounded more menacing when the Wicked Witch of the West said it.)

    Love you. Love Lulu.

    And that's a blessing in and of itself!


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