21 August 2007

Glove with Guardian Angel

Glove #1 is finished - although it's probably not strictly speaking a glove as such. Not entirely sure about the no-fingers aspect, may revise at a later date... The Koigu is really wonderful to wear. I've been out today wearing just this one, and knitting the other - what me, care for normal dress conventions? Pah!

Pattern for this version to be posted soon!

I'm about 15 rows into the second glove, but - bugger it - have missed a K2tog a few rows back, so am fishing around with dropping and fixing stitches and stuff.

And look what landed in my mail box this morning! From my lovely Secret Pal 'Molly' :D She's a good 'un all right! The card reads "May a guardian angel alight upon your shoulder and not mess up your hair." LOL :) It looks hand-drawn but isn't - well, obviously the artist hand-drew it, but it has then been printed. It looks very cool, definitely a keeper :) Thank you Molly!!

In Secret Squirrel news, I've bought the Patons Inca for my brother's wedding gift today, but will say no more, and won't post pics until after the wedding (in December). Ssssshhhhhhh!


  1. You are a clever clogs with your gloves - don't blame you for wearing one of them!

  2. When something is that pretty, there is no need to wait for the pair to be finished before wearing the first.

  3. Bah for clothing conventions. It is a pretty glove. I love the yarn with that pattern

  4. Mermaid Mitts - ooo - pretty! Why NOT wear just one if you feel like it? No need to be a slave to oppresive symmetry. Rebell against the predictable. Throw off the chains of conformity! Do whatever you damn well please. You're Australian. You can get away with it!!

  5. It looks awesome, I have to say! Very, very pretty! I don't suppose you could just chop off the other arm or something, cuz then how on earth would you knit, right? Guess you'll have to suck it up and finish No. 2.

  6. Pretty pretty mitts - look forward to the pattern (hint!) I have no problem wearing one - but then if I suffered from SSS I would wear all the singletons anyway!

  7. Sounds like an excellent motivator to be wearing one whilst knitting one! :)

    That card is gorgeous too. Nice pal!

  8. I've been wanting to do mermaid gloves forever. I could never decide if I wanted separate fingers, but I like it your way.


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