28 April 2007

Mango Moon Madness & Random Treats

Many thanks for all your ideas about my step-mother K's cardigan. We ended up agreeing on the Mango Moon Short Cardigan (thanks Taph!), and a skills swap. K has a law degree, so will help hubby and me write up new wills (long overdue), and is also giving me a ticket to her choir's concert next month (worth $40). It's baroque choral music (Bach, Pergolesi, Haydn) which I will really enjoy.

Here's the back so far. I took it over to K this morning for a 'fitting' - it needs to be a bit longer. She doesn't want a 4" ribbed hem, which the pattern calls for, so I'll only do a 1" or so hem, and just make the body sections longer. I bought 2 balls of Velveteen in a deeper pink for the ribbed edges. The colour is just right, and she paid me back for the yarn. It's very fast knitting - 7.5mm needles, smallest size of the pattern.

K's also given me a cardigan of hers which fits her well, so I have something to measure against, which I thought was a very good idea! And she said that she's going to get it lined - will that create any problems with the pattern? She hadn't told me this before...

Yesterday I got a wonderful surprise in the mail - not only the Knit One, Kill Two novel which I won over at Random Knits, but Donna thought the post bag looked a little empty, so she popped in a ball of Canadian Sugar'n Cream cotton (just in case I want to make a very pretty dishcloth - or something else - love those colours! :) and, as she said, any parcel is better with chocolate - GOOD chocolate at that! Thank you Donna!!

Today I found out about Freedom from Self Improvement Day - what an excellent idea... follow the link to find out more, and then relax and enjoy who you are, and ignore all those shoulds :)


  1. Oh you scored! How nice of Donna!

    And the cardi is knitting up quite nicely. You'll get through it in no time at this rate. ;-)

    I looked at the Freedom from Self Improvement link and started chanting, 'I am a good person. I am a good person.' he he

  2. What a lovely surprise. I certainly agree with Donna's chocolate philiosphy!

    The cardi is looking good, and I'm glad you settled on a deal you feel comfortable with.

  3. V.nice choice on the pattern and the yarn. They should look wonderful on stepmama's figure : )
    No idea about the lining but I'd say that unless it's drycleanable lining+yarn, it' will be hell to block wet and may stretch beyong the bounds of the lining hemline. (Having said this, take it with a grain of salt - I don't sew at all!)


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